Foster Gamble

President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media;
Co-creator, THRIVE Movies and Movement

At age 14, I had a vision where I glimpsed what I perceived to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. I spent the next 35 years trying to figure out the details and implications of what I had seen. That quest took two paths: a scientific journey and an exploration of the human potential to navigate successfully through the challenges threatening our survival. THRIVE represents the convergence of these two paths.

While at Princeton University, I helped to create their first film-making department. At the time, my engineer friends said the emergence of an instantaneous global media delivery system seemed likely. My love of film combined with my concern for the planet inspired me to focus on what would be the most critical content to one day deliver through that system.

In my search for a way out of our violence and demise, I discovered Aikido — the non-violent martial art — which proved for me the possibility of being simultaneously powerful and gentle. I earned a third-degree black belt and trained in and taught Aikido for 15 years.

Applying Aikido principles to daily life informed my professional career: I created a training and technology company, MindCenter, that employed brainwave biofeedback to help people learn how to manage stress and to tune their consciousness. I also created Interaction Dynamics, a training program for mastering skills in communication, team-building and conflict resolution for couples, business teams, schools and families across the United States. I combined Aikido energy principles and mind fitness techniques in Zonesport Training, which tapped my passion for sports in helping high level athletes to enhance their performance. Addressing the demands of balancing my own personal, family and professional lives led me to create a program called LifeBalance.

Furthering my exploration of what was keeping humanity from thriving, I spent nearly a decade “following the money” in every sector of human endeavor. The process revealed an understanding of our predicament that led me to create the strategic solutions offered in THRIVE. My exploration of “living geometry” — how nature builds the “material” world, came to fruition in 1997 when I co-convened the Sequoia Symposium, a multi-disciplinary scientific think tank exploring perspectives on “Unification Theory.”

There, the primary patterning that the universe uses to sustain healthy systems was clarified and cohered, as was its use as a blueprint for us to design sustainable, all-inclusive technologies and social systems. This discovery represents the convergence of science and the evolution of consciousness that I set out to explore after my initial vision and is the “code” that is featured in the documentary film, THRIVE, and on this website.

I was the primary researcher, co-writer, host and visual designer for both feature documentaries, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.

I hosted The Freedom Portal show online for 2½ years and wrote over 100 blogs. All of these works are archived on this site and are intended to provide an accurate diagnosis of what is really in the way of humanity flourishing, and what we can do about it to create a truly thriving world.

After 20 years of global activism through our corporation ThriveOn, I have now narrowed my focus to this independent blog and advising key solutionary organizations worldwide — especially in such areas as New Energy, Ethical AI and Unified Education.

I have served on the Board of Directors of Concentric Media, Aikido West, Anodos Foundation and on the Scientific Advisory Board of The University of Science and Philosophy.

I live in Northern California with my wife and co-creative partner Kimberly Carter Gamble.