Foster’s Book

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Foster’s Statement

I am crystal clear that the best next use of me, while I am on the Earthly plane… is to provide an operating manual for understanding humanity’s lethal predicament and the principles and pathways that can absolutely guide us to survive and thrive.

A lifetime of research has yielded what I sought. The fundamentals are in the THRIVE films and hundreds of blogs, articles, videos and interviews, but it needs to be consolidated, simplified and contained in one book you can hold in your hand as you take action.

I had started this work already when Kimberly and I decided to create THRIVE II. I am now returning to it as my major focus and I am inviting your help if that interests you. I will be putting the pieces on this platform for your comments as they are ready. We will also be discussing the issues and progress in our monthly Fireside Live sessions.

One of the reasons our THRIVE films were so popular is that we sought feedback from hundreds of people before our final cut. I am doing the same with my book — to optimize the clarity, accuracy and effectiveness of this tool for empowering humanity to flourish on a healthy planet before it’s too late. I value your input. Please join me.