Ancient Preparation for Modern Times: My Past Life in Egypt?

I was inspired to share another story that was pivotal on my path of purpose.

Ancient Preparation for Modern Times: My Past Life in Egypt?
Photo by Simon Berger / Unsplash

I was fortunate this past week to get to spend some time in conversation with Graham Hancock discussing ancient cultures and altered states. Also some folks have asked that I expound further on my path of purpose… the realization of which I covered in my last blog, A Night To Remember. So I was inspired to share another related story that was pivotal in my journey.

I spent 30 years immersed in exploration in the Consciousness Movement prior to applying my obsession with truth to what was really going on in the world. From sports to Zen to psychedelics to self-hypnosis, yoga, biofeedback, and numerous other tributaries, the current of my exploration brought with it many challenges and blessings. The story that I want to share with you now is about meeting one of my most profound mentors, a mystic named Betty Bethards (1933–2022).

Betty Bethards

It was the late 1980s, and I was working as a peak performance sports consultant. Having been a high-level amateur tennis competitor, I had many clients who were high-school, college and professional tennis players. I was also a 3rd degree black belt in the nonviolent martial art of Aikido, and I was in Marin County to present a conference workshop for teaching professionals on the application of Aikido energy principles in tennis.


I was seated in the middle of an audience of about 100 people listening to a highly unusual housewife/spiritual teacher named Betty. I was curious to see what she had to offer tennis pros. She was lecturing about the nuances of channeling energy in performance when she suddenly saw me sitting in the audience. Our eyes locked and she pointed directly at me, and said “You… You’re here… Now… In this lifetime!”

I looked to my sides and behind me to see whom she was addressing, and she said “No. I’m talking to YOU.” She started to ramble about our past life experience together in ancient Egypt and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I had had an obsession with Egyptian culture — art and the pyramids in particular since I was a very young boy — but I rarely talked about it with anyone, and I had certainly never met this woman… at least not in this lifetime.

She stopped short, realizing that this was not the moment for this discussion. She apologized to the audience, said to me, “You need to come see me after,” and she went on to finish her talk.

Betty was a strong, spontaneous, hilarious and confident woman. I went up to talk with her after, and she said, “I can’t tell you the whole story now, but you were a high priest in ancient Egypt when the pyramids were active, and I was as well. You were a healer, who had a deep knowledge of the structure of crystals, and you used the stones to help people. You have come back in this lifetime, at this critical moment, to help out. You have come with your prior knowledge of geometry, but this time, instead of using the crystals, you will use the technology of global media to help awaken humanity.” This was decades before THRIVE and she knew nothing of my biography.

I went to visit her for a deeper reading and she became a trusted teacher for me and my parents.

The stories of slaves pulling giant stones with vine ropes across logs to build the pyramids never made any sense to me. But I was completely fascinated with the symbols of Egyptian iconography and particularly with the King’s chamber of the great Cheops pyramid and its mysterious sarcophagus.


I had always felt that it was some sort of Stargate and the publication of a book called Initiation had helped to confirm my inner knowing. The story was written by a Hungarian Yogini named Elisabeth Haich (1897–1994). When I had read her book, it was in a continuous altered state of recognition.


Two of my daughters later went to study with her in Switzerland. I did not meet her, but most likely our souls were also in Egypt at the same time. The book is the story of her awakening to remember her past life of training through seven stages to become a priestess. This preparation culminated in a three day out-of-body experience while she was lying in the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber.

I founded and ran a company in Silicon Valley for eight years with the intention of re-creating the capabilities of the great pyramid with modern technology. The company was called MindCenter, and my business partner, Dr. James V. Hardt, had developed the state-of-the-art devices for neural feedback. We developed a patented headset that would monitor brain waves and turn them into musical tones and feed them back in less than a 10th of a second. This feedback loop allowed people to begin to learn to move voluntarily into particular frequencies, amplitudes, and synchronization of the energy waves in one’s brain.

We did studies with yogis, Zen and Qi Gong masters, and renowned psychics to measure and record their unusual abilities to tune their brains the way most of us would tune a radio or the remote we use to select channels on our TV. During the eight years that we had the company in Silicon Valley, until the recession of 1990 forced us to shut down, we saw numerous remarkable healings, deep learning, and consciousness transformations… (including my own).  We learned to stabilize our minds — through the antenna of our brains — long enough to open portals to other vibrational realms — especially Alpha (8–13 hz), Theta (4–8 hz) and for some, even Delta (1–4hz).

When I worked with physicist/cosmologist Nassim Haramein from 1997 through 2003, we shared many reflections with each other of our deep affinity for ancient cultures and especially Egypt. Finally, we got to go there together in October 2017 and were able to spend an unforgettable night in the King’s chamber and have our own experiences in the sarcophagus.


It was like a high school reunion — 12,000 years later!

That’s a whole other story for another time…