The Quest for a Unified Field Theory — Fulfilled?

Has Nassim Haramein discovered the long-sought Unified Field Theory?

The Quest for a Unified Field Theory — Fulfilled?

Albert Einstein was unable to provide his lifelong dream of a single explanation for the five so-called natural forces of the universe — a “Unified Field Theory.” It is said that he told friends that if anyone were ever to do it, it would be a geometer, not just a mathematician. He knew that everything was moving relative to each other, and that we lived in a universe of geometric dynamics. His equations were unable to get him there, because he couldn’t fully see the shape of things and was missing the necessary inclusion of fractals, holograms and consciousness that connects it all.

Then along came an unlikely, self-taught, Don Quixote type character, Nassim Haramein. It seems this radical thinking young man may have completed and corrected Einstein’s efforts and provided the geometric concepts and the accompanying math to finally unify the so-called separate forces. He has just published a paper, The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity, that includes this accomplishment as a sub-chapter, “Unification of Forces from vacuum fluctuations.”

Haramein drove teachers crazy with his never-ending questions, and they returned the favor with their limited and incoherent answers. So, he left traditional schooling in the eighth grade, though his Iranian father was a world-renowned child-education specialist.

Nassim recounts that he had ongoing direct experience with extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional intelligences from age 7. That’s also when he began meditating under the guidance of an Indian master. Nassim calls the realm of direct access transmission that he discovered “Hyperspace.”

As well, Haramein spent many years alone in his van, driving to various university libraries to gather documents which he would then take into the desert for a month of solo study. This was the phase where one of my friends recommended that I go to a talk by Nassim in San Francisco. From the moment he began to speak, the hairs rose on my neck, and I knew I was in the presence of a very deep knowing. It was as if he and I had been climbing the same mountain from different sides and then met for the final ascent. We started working together the next day and that was 26 years ago.

I invited Nassim to present at the Sequoia Symposium on unification that I had cofounded and was about to host. Some of the traditional university professors literally freaked out at his presentation and my own, calling it “heresy,” trying to stop us in the middle of our talks… and ultimately apologizing and becoming colleagues.

Nassim had a knack for sports and loved performing at the edge. He became an elite level competitive skier and a world-class rockface free climber. His exploits also included deep free diving (without a tank) and racing motorcycles. He says his experience of high-performance sports have helped give him a visceral sense of pressure, zero-point balance, angular momentum and interconnectivity with the field.

This epic paper (a culmination of two decades of preliminary groundwork papers) is presented in traditional scientific format. This is necessary for peer review and publication. However, it doesn’t make for easy going for the layperson. It’s 52 pages with about 250 equations. I am not expert enough in math to validate their meaning and accuracy. I do know that while Nassim and I were working directly together for about 5 years, he made 24 notable predictions (such as: Every galaxy would be found to be centered by a black hole… When he completed the upper torus of his Resonator device, its dual would appear energetically beneath the table… the Resonator would greatly enhance the vitality of water, plants and food…) The first 22 have all come true. The next was this paper and the final one was completion of his Resonator energy and counter-gravity generator. Those two remain to be seen. But so far…soooo good!

What I recommend is that you watch the following two clips from THRIVE II wherein we were privileged to preview the concepts in this paper and fully illustrate them with high-quality visual effects. After you’ve done this, I recommend that you read the Abstract and Introduction on pages 1–2, and the Discussion and Conclusion on pages 40–43. Then you can leaf through the paper itself and make what you can of the text and diagrams.

Nassim and The Unified Field

Unification Physics

This work is now being circulated for peer review and Nassim is going to be hosting workshops for interested scientists to immerse in these new paradigm notions. I’m thrilled that he is doing this, because I know it took many, many conversations for me to have a sufficient grasp of his work, and I was already an expert in the geometry of the field. Most physicists have little understanding of field geometry. I have attended numerous sessions where Nassim interacted with traditional scientists (Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Georgia Tech, etc.) about this new awareness, and it wasn’t easy. Some were open-minded enough to hang in there and get it. Others rejected it out of hand because it didn’t fit with some of what they were taught in school. Some called it “inexcusable arrogance” to try to do what Einstein couldn’t. It’s often joked that “the paradigm of physics advances one funeral at a time.”

After THRIVE came out, I recommended to the head of the Harvard/Smithsonian Institute of Astrophysics that he meet with Nassim about cosmological dynamics. He said that if Nassim didn’t have a PhD, there would be nothing to learn from him. I allowed as how, if that was his attitude, he would probably not be able to learn from Nassim. To his credit, a year later he invited Nassim to the Institute for an afternoon with his faculty — which turned into an exciting several days of ground-breaking exploration.

Here is my most succinct layman’s version of the essence of this paper:

  • The Universe is a boundless sea of alive and infinite energy.
  • Everything in the universe is in movement around a center (black hole, nucleus, sun, galactic center…)
  • Every system in the universe is spinning.
  • There are no actual “things” in the universe — just patterns of flow of energy which seem solid because the frequency of our perception.
  • It is the spin of each system (particle, atom, sun, etc.) which gives it its “mass.”
  • Because everything is connected, there is infinite energy at the center of every point and there are infinite points in the universe. Assigning an arbitrary number to the energy at the centers of systems (“re-normalization”) had mislead physicists mathematically, because it’s actually infinite. Nassim has corrected this.
  • What we call “the proton” is the fundamental pattern from which the so-called “material” world is formed.
  • The proton is a double-torus energy vortex — as is every sustainable energy system in the universe. All the so-called “particles” (electrons, neutrons…) are actually toroidal vortices of energy in the waves of space (reconciling the wave/particle duality paradox).
  • The boundless field of energy is segmented at every scale into “quanta” (units) that are all toroidal dynamics. This quantization of space follows Buckminster Fuller’s “Vector Equilibrium” and Isotropic Vector Matrix geometry as depicted in THRIVE II.
  • The mass of the tiny proton is huge — because its spin is a result of the entire rest of the universe.
  • Just as electricity and magnetism were seen to be “unified” as different aspects of the toroidal dynamic, the other forces — gravity and the strong and weak nuclear forces — can also be understood as further refinements of this universal vortex in the field of energy in a connected Universe (documentary about Nassim and his work.)
  • The extrapolation of these principles mathematically yields the correct energy mass of the proton, its charge radius, numerous other fundamental constants and for the total mass-energy of the universe.

More peer-review and experimental validation will obviously be necessary in the coming months and years to anchor the veracity of this Unified Field Theory, if in fact it is accurate.

As with most steps along his unusual path, Haramein’s Unified Field Theory will probably be met with huge backlash, cynicism, insults, ad-hominem attacks, and attempts to ban or cancel him.

What will actually matter is “Does his model align more accurately with the nature of reality than previous attempts?” He stands on the shoulders of Dirac, Bohm, Einstein, Planck, Bucky Fuller, Walter Russell, Arthur Young and others, and he has forayed out on his own, following his inner guidance in a courageous and relentless quest for truth, for the benefit of all sentient creatures.

The last line of acknowledgement in his paper is:

Last, but not least we would like to thank the universe for its inspiring mathematical and physical beauty.

The completion and sharing of Nassim’s life quest in this paper represents a milestone moment for humanity. The metaphysical and physical are unified scientifically. Science and spirit don’t have to be at odds. The implication of understanding how energy actually works opens the door to widespread harmonious energy access through new resonance devices. The mathematical and experimental proof will validate the spiritual notion that we live in a universe of infinite abundance… if we learn how to access it harmoniously.

Boundless congratulations to Nassim and his intrepid team of explorers!