A Night to Remember: When I Realized My Purpose in Life

My purpose is to learn more each day how to thrive — to live in alignment with the light … and to share what I learn with whomever is interested and ready anywhere on planet Earth.

A Night to Remember: When I Realized My Purpose in Life

Audio Transcription

Hi folks, Foster Gamble here. And I’ve decided to take a few minutes to tell you a story that was pivotal in my life. It’s truly a night to remember.

A number of people have been asking me recently, how did you realize your purpose in life? So this is the story of that. It was the early ’80s, probably 1982 or something like that. I was deep into the consciousness movement. I had been meditating for many years. I had been doing yoga… I was an Aikido instructor… really enjoying exploring my consciousness. And I read a book by a man named Robert Monroe called Journeys Out of the Body. And I was very taken by his adventure.

He was a brilliant radio engineer who started to have out-of-body experiences and he had no context for it at all. He was asking people, telling them what was going on, saying, what should I do? And people were saying, well, you should medicate yourself. You should put yourself in an institution. Finally he found a spiritually based psychiatrist who said, no, you’re having a spiritual emergence. You need to keep going with it and just chart what you’re learning. It’s a very healthy thing that is emerging in you. So let’s keep talking about it.

So anyway, he wrote this book and I found it to be very grounded about a very esoteric, very intangible topic. So I found out that he had created an institute back in Virginia where they had been exploring the beyond-the-body consciousness experiences for decades. So I signed up for a week long training, went back there, met Robert, who was an absolutely phenomenal human being. That’s a whole story for another time. I don’t want to have this tape be too long.

But in any case, during the week, I started having very powerful experiences. Each of us had a private bedroom with what they called a “check unit,” which was a soundproof, lightproof air bed with high quality headphones. And when we would do our journeys about five times a day, Robert could talk to us through the headphones and then put on a technology he had invented called binaural beats. And basically what that was, he found out that if you put one frequency in one ear and another frequency in another ear, that there will be created a beat frequency. That is the difference between, if one of them is 200 cycles per second, the other is 210, then you’re going to get a beat frequency of about 10 cycles per second that goes across the hemispheres of your brain. And if you set that for about eight and a half cycles per second, it will take you, it will help you get down into a state that is between alpha waves and theta waves, between kind of relaxed awareness and deeper meditation. And the key is to go there without falling asleep.

And so I started having these very powerful experiences. They got better and better during the week. And then the last night we were having kind of a celebratory dinner and the trainers were kidding us about having become “tape junkies.” And all of a sudden it hit me, wow, you know, maybe I am just dependent on these tapes for this experience.

So I hatched a plot and that night after everybody else went to sleep, I went into my check unit with no headphones, but just lying there in the dark and did the induction process that they had been teaching us, which had to do with creating a particular type of toroidal vortex in my imagination around my body with the energy coming up through my feet and out my, the top of my head. And then what they called a “reball,” a resonant balloon, where you would find a particular frequency that you could chant that would get your whole body vibrating. And the two of those together, along with some other aspects, could take you quite rapidly into a very high state of vibration.

So I decided to try it on my own with no tapes. Lying there doing the induction and probably within a minute or two, I’m already in a deeper state than I’ve been all week. And I’m lying there and these waves of energy are surging up my body, down my body, back and forth, and it’s blissful. And so it was such a powerful state that I was assured that, okay, I can do this without the tapes.

But I thought, okay, while I’m in this state, what do I want to use it for? And I thought, okay, the first thing that I want to do is I want to ask, because the trainers had also been referring now and then to guardian angels. And I was very skeptical about that. Guardian angels had always seemed to me like some excuse for if something goes wrong in my life, well, my guardian angels weren’t taking care of me. Or if I have a problem, well, I’ll turn it over to my guardian angels. And I’d never seen any proof of guardian angels, so I didn’t have any credence for that. However, these were very knowledgeable, experienced people. So I decided to ask.

So I put out the message in my mind’s voice saying, if I have guardian angels, please give me a clear sign. And within seconds, on either side of me is a radiant being of light. Now I opened my eyes and looked around. There’s nothing there. I closed my eyes again. They’re totally there. So this is an experience that is not in the physical. It’s a metaphysical experience that I was having. But not only could I see them in my mind’s eye, but the warmth that was coming from these two kind of egg-shaped glowing beings, the warmth was so powerful, so moving, that tears just started streaming down my cheeks. And I said, thank you. I will never have to ask again. At which point they disappeared.

I continued to be in this powerful energy experience. I thought, okay, well, is there anything else that I would like to ask about? And … so clear for me. I want to ask about my purpose in life. So I said, if you’re listening out there, particularly you guardian angels, please give me clarity on why I’m here. What is my purpose in life?

So I found myself in just a few moments sitting cross-legged, meditating in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, where I had never been at that point. But I had read about it. I’d heard about it. I thought about it a lot during my life. And I found myself in my imagination sitting there. And again, these waves started getting stronger and stronger. And then they started concentrating at the base of my spine. I guess this is what the yogis refer to as the Kundalini, because it got stronger and stronger and then it started spiraling up my spine. And then I didn’t know how I would be able to contain that type of energy. And I didn’t. What happened was it just shot out through my crown chakra. And basically it was this. This experience here.

This painting is a psychic portrait of myself that was done by a woman named Jeanette Stobie, a very talented painter and psychic. And she, as she got to know me, heard about this experience and ended up wanting to convey it in paint. And so this. This frame that you’re looking at is as if you’re lying down looking into the center of that vortex and the stairways are the sides of the pyramid which were opening up over my head. And then that vortex is where I went out of my body. And I was just riding this wave of energy. And all of a sudden it got very quiet.

And let me show you one more image. All of a sudden I was in this darkness. I was out in space. I could see little spots of light. As I looked around, I could see stars. And then eventually I looked down below my feet and it was planet earth. And I thought, “Whoa, this is interesting. I am out in space looking at earth. This is fun, very beautiful. But what does it have to do with my purpose?” At which point I hear a sound again, louder than ever. And it’s just like. And I look up above me and there’s this column of light that is coming down toward me and it entered my body and just illuminated my body and then passed through my feet. And then I watched it go down to the earth and then it spread out in this sort of fractal geometric pattern that is like this web across the earth. And again, I was just in bliss having this amazing experience and there were no words to it. I was just breathing in the experience, riding this current of light.

And then I got very clear that this was my purpose. This was the experience of my purpose. Later on, I put it into words. The words are always something like, “My purpose in life is to learn each day more and more how to thrive, how to live in alignment with the light and to share what I learned with whomever is interested and ready anywhere on planet earth.”

So I hung out there a while longer, eventually came back down and into my body and then just had a blissful night’s sleep and recounted this to my trainers the next morning before we left.

And that experience is obviously very vivid for me even now, and it has shaped the rest of my life. Not that my purpose changed that night, but that I finally got really clear on it. When I look back to what I was doing as a child, what I was drawn to, I was always drawn toward Egypt and the pyramids. I was always drawn toward peak performance sports and resolving conflicts and doing whatever increased my sense of joy, my sense of aliveness, my sense of thriving. It’s just that finally, as a young adult, I asked and was shown the clarity that I had been looking for.

Now subsequent to that, just two years later, I founded a company in Silicon Valley. I had gone around the country looking for the best technologies that I could find that could help people to recreate what I think was the purpose of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I think it was not a burial chamber. I think it was an initiation chamber.

And I’ve had this confirmed by many, many experts, both ancient history experts and mystics, particularly one of my teachers, a woman named Betty Bethards. That’s another story for another time as well. She totally confirmed that she and I actually had a life together where we were both priests in Egypt using, she said, I was using crystals for healing and that I had come back in this lifetime to use my knowledge of geometry. But this time, instead of using crystals and healing one or a few people, I was going to use the media and convey that knowledge to help heal all of humanity. She had no idea of my history. I had no idea that I was going to make THRIVE many years later. But anyway, no further on that particular story.

The one other thing that I’ll mention is that when I went to the Giza Plateau in 2017 with Nassim Haramein and a group of people who all had strong connections with ancient Egypt, when I was finally in that King’s Chamber, actually lying in the sarcophagus and then ultimately sitting full lotus, it was like coming home. I realized, yes, this is confirmation in the physical level. The resonance that I was experiencing was just what I had been experiencing in my beyond-the-body experience at the Monroe Institute.

So anyway, thanks for listening to my adventure. I encourage you to keep asking the universe. It’s very similar to what happens on psychotropic drugs. It’s similar to what happens in plant medicine. It’s similar to what happens in Vipassana meditation. When you ask whether you’re facilitated by plants or whatever or not, when you ask the universe, we are embedded in this unified field of cosmic consciousness. This cosmos is alive, it’s conscious, it wants us to thrive. So when we sincerely ask and if we’re prepared to listen to the answer, the so-called Akashic Records, cosmic consciousness, Indra’s net, whatever you want to call it, the universe itself will feed us the answers to our questions. In a way that will continually surprise us, but always and accurately answer that question.

So I encourage you to keep clarifying your own purpose and then put it into use in your daily life. Shape your life around that metaphysical purpose.

Thanks for listening. Bye now.

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