Strange Times Make for Unusual Allies. Why?

What is the connecting thread among these seemingly strange bedfellows?

Strange Times Make for Unusual Allies. Why?
Photo by Leiada Krozjhen / Unsplash

How many would have predicted they would end up rooting for a Vladimir Putin exposing the New World Order, or a Donald Trump keeping us out of war? Who would’ve thought we would see a Kennedy call out the corruption of the Democrat party? Who would have foreseen the son of a WEF founder blowing the whistle on their real nefarious intent?

What’s going on?

To how many would it have occurred that we are learning about the most profound levels of spirituality and love from MKUltra type abuse survivors like Cathy O’Brien, Serena Faith-Masterson, Anneke Lucas and Judith Richards? Who would have guessed that anti-Zionist Jews, and far left college liberals would be awakening the world to the colonialist terrorism of the Rothschild-created state of Israel against the Arabs since 1948?

Why is that?

Did you anticipate that it would be the fringe computer hacker geniuses who would be manning the bulwarks to try to keep us safe from complete takeover of our Internet privacy and security? Well, the CIA apparently realized that conspiracy researchers were deeply dangerous to the plans of the Global Domination Agenda, and that’s why they created the psy-op and coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” after the Kennedy assassination plot began getting exposed in 1964.

How could we have imagined that we would need to depend on such a small percentage of doctors to courageously expose the depopulation agenda behind COVERT-19? Or that it would take such bravery for real scientists to expose the communist New World Order scheme behind the human-caused global warming hoax?

Why is that?

What is the dynamic behind these seeming conundrums? I believe it’s actually very simple.

Our world is being manipulated by a sociopathic few toward a global police state by lies and deception. The first imperative of self-defense is to clarify situational awareness… in other words to wake up to what’s really going on. The cord of light connecting all these seemingly strange bedfellows, is the three part braid of Truth, Freedom and Health.

New relationships and alliances are being built fractally all over the globe that transcend the illusory polarizations of nation, race, religion, gender, political party or age. What is drawing odd bedfellows together is the elusive ring of authenticity, and the inexorable pull of a universal morality—the Non-Aggression Principle. Our existential evolutionary imperative is to learn, as quickly as we can, to evaluate critical global events without buying into mainstream propaganda. What is being hidden? How do these catastrophes serve the Globalist Coup d’État?

What is the seed truth underlying the big lie that covers it in almost every major situation?

As we are getting better at this, we are learning the critical thinking skills, the emotional skills, the communication skills, the courage and the compassion to live in alignment with our deepest values, and to stand for truth in the face of massive coercion and deception.

We are lining up with the forces of reality itself, which is the nature of the Unified Field. The process of this alignment is the essence of the “Big Love,” the “AI” from Aikido, the merging in oneness with the dynamics of the cosmos itself. And this is what we are here to learn—now or else.

As we succeed, imagine planet Earth, a century from now, where the Non-Aggression Principle is the “true north” of our moral compass, and the basis of our law and harmonious interaction.

Imagine the authentic, free, healthy and prosperous civilization that we can be. I believe that then we would be welcomed into the cosmic brother and sisterhood of beings of all types who have mastered the art and science of Love and are thriving together in this breathtakingly beautiful, precarious and nurturing Universe that is our home.