The Real Conflict is Not Between Israel and Palestine

Here is my analysis of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the context of the state and the Deep State.

The Real Conflict is Not Between Israel and Palestine

Before you get suckered again…before you think you must pick a side and sell another piece of your soul by cheering for the next mis-placed violence against innocents…

Take a deep breath with each of the following seven insights about the so-called Israel/Palestine conflict.

1) There is no Israel/Palestine conflict!

It’s a Deep State vs. “people who want to be free” conflict — like virtually every other one around the world for centuries.

Arabs and Jews were living together in relative peace in the region before the Rothschild bloodline bankers — running the Sabbatean/Frankist agenda for global domination — imposed a terrorist invasion of the area to establish the “state” of Israel. (A fiction like all other states — what is real is individual humans.) This is not a “Jewish” group. They have always hated the Jews. Look at what they did to the Jews with the mandatory clot shots — the highest per capita death rate in the world. The Khazarian Mafia hides behind Judaism and the fake propaganda of the ADL — Anti-Defamation League. This Zionist stronghold of Israel is intended as an operations center and a cover for their plan to take over the world financially by installing a Rothschild central bank in every major country. There are only three countries left that have not knelt to the fiat money/fractional reserve lending scam that has broken all major global economies and concentrated over 90% of wealth in the hands of the banking elite and their cronies. Those holdouts are North Korea, Syria and Iran!


2) The Hamas attacks are utterly disgusting…challenging human credulity with the cruelty and horror. Don’t doubt that they were intended to register just that way and demand an equally horrific response. Neither of the traditional “sides” is without blame here. The Khazarian Mafia has perpetrated apartheid, genocide and “open air” concentration camps for decades. The “Reaction” will be just as vicious and inhumane — seeking carte blanche to eradicate 2 million innocent civilians. It’s been going on for over 70 years — or centuries — without resolution. Powerful forces obviously don’t want resolution. So what is really going on? Who is the real enemy?


3) Egypt had been trying to warn Israel that “something big” was coming. Isn’t it eerie how similar the “Intelligence Failures” in Israel were to the U.S. government on 9/11. In both cases, the best surveillance/security systems on the planet failed utterly for many hours. Bulldozers, weapons and over 1,000 soldiers snuck by border security designed to set off alarms from a bird?

I don’t think so.

This is Israel’s 9/11. Not that 9/11 wasn’t already Israel’s 9/11… Mossad was deeply involved in the events of 9/11, along with Saudi Arabia and the NeoCon globalists in the U.S. government. Are these current events intended to justify the invasion of Iran, the way 9/11 did for Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Libya?

Here’s General Wesley Clark describing it first hand

How convenient that this new war provides:

  • Distraction from NATO’s imperialistic fiasco in Ukraine
  • Changing the news cycle away from Biden corruption and Covert-19 revelations
  • More funding for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)
  • More tax dollars from uninformed, gullible citizens
  • An excuse for World War III, and perhaps global martial law, canceling elections instead of just rigging them…

4) As the Covert-19 scamdemic is awakening billions to medical tyranny, this rapidly escalating war could finally shock millions from their uninformed slumber to finally realize the three biggest myths of the state. The criminal counterfeiters are on the verge of total global control because they fooled the people into allowing them three fraudulent Superpowers:

  • Authority — the myth that someone has to rule us
  • Fake Money — the scam that allows a few sociopaths to print as much money as it requires to take over the rest of us
  • Taxation — the claimed “authority” to take however much of our money they want and use it to wage their fraudulent wars, indoctrinate our children, create fake media, claim our land and homes, sicken us, lock us down etc.

5) Central bankers fund both sides of all major wars.

As Ron Paul described to Congress many years ago, the U.S. government helped Israel to create Hamas to counter Yassar Arafat. The U.S. encouraged free elections for Palestine. They elected Hamas. As with Al Qaeda and Isis, the U.S. arm of the Deep State financed the radicalization of Muslims to create the conflicts that led to the wars that justified the destruction of civilizations and the plundering of their oil, gold, culture and freedom.

6) War needs the state to fund it and the state needs war to justify its protection racket.


This all goes away without “the state.”

7) We each need to keep finding our spiritual and emotional center, harness the instinctive outrage at the unnecessary suffering and keep turning the narrative to expose the globalist cult’s agenda for complete domination.

The only way I know of to go beyond this seductive and destructive cycle of violence based on deception, and to finally thrive as a species, is holding to the promise of a truly free and stateless society based on the Non-Aggression Principle.

A Truly Free and Stateless Society