3 Key Questions for Navigating the Worldview Gap over the Holidays

3 Key Questions for Navigating the Worldview Gap over the Holidays
Photo by Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

For people in many countries, the holidays are coming. A chance to celebrate with family and friends…with a strong chance of awkward, charged, polarized conversations about what the heck is going on!

Here are some tips I have found very effective for optimizing the rapport and fruitfulness of these important interactions in which folks all over the world are immersed.

Mention that you know a conversation across worldview gaps can be challenging. Ask permission to ask several questions. If you receive it…

  1. Ask: “Are you noticing that something feels fundamentally off in the world these days?”
    This can get you on the same team for sleuthing.
  2. Ask: “Where do you get your news?”
    This will reveal if they are just in a homogeneous info bubble and unaware of alternatives.
  3. Ask: “On a 0–10 scale, how interested are you in hearing a perspective that could be very different than your own belief about what is actually going on?”
    Hint — If the answer to #3 is between 0 and 4, it’s probably time to switch to sports or people! If their response is between 5 and 7, it’s worth gently exploring. If it’s 8–10, go for it, because you are on the same team in seeking truth.

Maybe acknowledge that you realize you are not bringing a bunch of immediate good news…but that it is only through knowing what’s real that real solutions can be created.

If the conversation develops to where the other participant actually wants to know about so-called “truth media” — alternatives to mainstream propaganda, then I suggest you direct them to this deep and rich list on our website.

I also recommend you have the links for your two favorite sources to share, so the opportunity is not overwhelming.

Be sensitive to timing, privacy and appropriateness of such a conversation and don’t be attached to an outcome.

Stand for truth, though your voice may tremble. This is how truth floats — one courageous conversation at a time.