List of Top Trusted News Sources

This list is a compilation of trusted news sources nominated by the community and reviewed by ThriveOn.

List of Top Trusted News Sources

This list of 'Trusted Media Sources' was created during the recent FREEDOM PORTAL Network Dialogue Show "Where to Get Our News - Who Can We Trust?" recorded LIVE on May 28th, 2022.

This list contains over 100 trusted news sources compiled by Foster, the ThriveOn team, and our FREEDOM PORTAL subscribers. None of them are always accurate, however the 'Thrive recommended' (*) sources have demonstrated their commitment to truth rather than to political or corporate agendas.

Be sure to add YOUR favorite trusted news sources in the comments below and we'll continue to update this document on a regular basis.

To view and download this list in PDF format, click here:

Note that those prefixed by  '*' indicate a 'Thrive Recommended' news source


Ilana Rachel Daniel - CHD:

Matthew Ehret / Cynthia Chung - Rising Tide Foundation:

Sol Luckman:

Patrick Wood - Technocracy News:

Pam Gregory (Astrologer):

David Sorensen - Stop World Control:

Tarot by Janine:

Steve Kirsch - Doc about Freedom Truckers:

Green Tara Guru - ULUKI documentary:

Mike Adams - Health Ranger:

Frank – The Voice of Free Speech Frank – The Voice of Free Speech

Brannon Howse - Frank – The Voice of Free Speech:

Lindell Report - Frank – The Voice of Free Speech

Signs Of The Times:

Truth Social:

Intercessors For America:

Nexus News Feed:!/1

Nations In Action:


One America News Network:

The UNZ Review:

The Burning Platform:

Global Research:

Patrick Heningsen - 21st Century Wire:

Alexander Mercouris & Alex Christoforou - The Duran:

Brian Gerrish - UK Column:

Mike Robinson - UK Column:

Alex Thompson - UK Column:

David Scott - UK Column:

The Last American Vagabond:

Aaron and Melissa Dykes - Truthstream Media:

Brian Berletic - The New Atlas:

Jerm - Jerm Warfare:

Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge:

Jim Stone -


Investing With Insight:

Open The Books:

Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network:

Stop World Control:

Bob Moriarty - 321gold:

Alliance For Living Liberators:

Mike Moloney - GoldSilver:


Stefan Lanka:

Andrew Kaufman:

Craig Paardekupper:

Jessica Rose:

Walter Chesnut:

Tony Robbins - Life Force Health Summit:


The Tenpenny Report:

Dr. James Thorpe - Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network:

Real Not Rare:

Amanda Vollner - Yum Naturals Emporium:

Alfa Vedic:

Christian Westbrook - Ice Age Farmer: Corona Investigative Committee Corona Investigative Committee

Dr. Sam Bailey:




Donald Trump:

Mark Levin - Life, Liberty & Levin:

Sydney Powell - Truth and Liberty Coalition:

Doug Billings - The Right Side With Doug Billings:

United States Justice Foundation:

Grand Jury: