Ancient Cultures

Did ancient cultures encode knowledge that could help us survive and thrive today?

Ancient Cultures


Did ancient cultures encode knowledge that could help us survive and thrive today?

The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, National Treasure, Contact… people love the thrillers about some secret code which, if solved, would reveal something of great value. But they are fiction.

What if there were a true code – a message encrypted by people centuries ago – a message so important that it could give us access to clean, boundless energy and a template for designing sustainable systems for humanity?

And what if there were powers that would stop at nothing to keep this code concealed?

This is in fact what 40 years of research led me to and the film, THRIVE, lays out how just such critical and advanced understanding has been sent across time to us from numerous ancient cultures. It has been passed down through stories, icons, buildings, and even alphabets in places all around the world, from Central America, to Egypt, to China. And now, at this critical crossroads in human evolution, it is being de-coded…

What is the code? It’s a fundamental pattern revealing how energy works in the universe. At the most basic level it consists of a torus, a donut shaped energy vortex that exists at all scales, and the Vector Equilibrium (VE), the underlying structure of space itself. This code has already proven to help us access clean, abundant energy, expand and evolve our consciousness, and advance the sciences. You can learn more about it in the fundamental pattern section of the website.

Nassim Haramein showed me how the code shows up in revered and closely guarded messages from civilizations long ago. It is remarkably coherent and often embedded within patterns such as the “flower of life” or the “64 tetrahedra matrix.” Check out the following examples to see for yourself.


Temple of Osiris - Abydos, Egypt




Abydos, Egypt has some of the oldest archaeological remains.

Here you can find a very precise depiction of the flower of life that was somehow burned into the wall of one of the Osirion Temples more than 3,000 years ago.

The Forbidden City - Beijing, China




At the entrance to the Forbidden City – an ancient imperial palace in Beijing that was built in the early 1400’s – you can see the same flower of life under the paw of the Fu Dog (more accurately called "Guardian Lions"). This palace was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Could the Fu Dogs not only be a symbol of protection to buildings and their inhabitants, but guardians of the knowledge of how universal energy works?

Could it be that the female Fu Dog, is guarding the life force itself – which is always in the form of a pup beneath her paw – while the partnered male is guarding the knowledge of how to access that life force for energy, sustainable design and the transformation of consciousness itself?

The Golden Temple - Amritsar, India

The flower of life also appears on the walkway around the Golden Temple, or Harmandir Sahib, one of the holiest shrines of the Sikh religion.  It was built in the 16th Century and means the “Temple of God.”

This temple was intricately designed and has many symbolic aspects. For example, it has four entrances that signify the importance of acceptance and openness in the Sikh religion – all visitors are welcome.

Given the thought and care that went into the temples construction, it seems significant that the flower of life also appears here. Is it merely a coincidence or could these ancient architects have also known about the flower of life and the potential it holds for humanity?

Flower of Life depictions also appear in Turkey and Austria as you can see below.

Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci also studied the flower of life.  His drawings depict various components of the pattern and the geometries found within it.

I Ching

The I Ching, or “Book of Changes”, reveals the code through the 64 tetrahedron.  It is an ancient Chinese text dating back thousands of years that continues to be used as an oracle and book of wisdom. The I Ching is comprised of 64 oracular statements, that are each formed by a variation of 6 horizontally stacked lines, called hexagrams.

Nassim’s research went beyond the literal interpretation of each hexagram, to look at the I Ching as a whole, and that’s where one can see the encoded pattern of 64 units again. Each hexagram contains 6 edges that make up a tetrahedron, and together make up a 64 tetrahedron crystal. This is the underlying pattern of the torus – it is the same code being passed down through one of the most ancient and influential Chinese texts.

The Hebrew Alphabet

Stan Tenen’s research in the Meru Project reveals that the Hebrew alphabet is a system of shadowgrams encoding the torus. If you use a very precise torus shaped form you can create every single letter of the Hebrew alphabet by rotating it at different angles.

Copyright © MERU Foundation

Left: Handheld torus form that reveals all Hebrew letters.

Center: The same torus form from above. The spiral comes out of the center of the torus and wraps around to its equator. So rotating it and flipping it will re-create the entire torus shape.

Right: Stan Tenen also illustrates how the alphabet lays out perfectly on the structure of the Vector Equilibrium, with the ‘Tagin crownlets” identifying orienting spin axes.

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Through my 15 years of training in the non-violent martial art of Aikido, I became exposed to Kototama - the millennia old tradition in which Morihei Ueshiba, the founder, was trained.

Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of AikidoKototama seems to be a message from ancient cultures of how to tune ones consciousness to the energy of the universe.  Kototama is an ancient Japanese tradition that means “spirit of language”,  “sacred sound”, or “the knowledge of the vibration of the Universe.” It is the practice of generating ritual sounds and words, with the belief that they can influence your body, mind, and soul. The Kototama chant creates a resonant torus around the body as Jack Wada demonstrates in this video.

Ancient texts cite 49 “motive” sounds in Kototama and one toning, the 50th, which encompasses them all. This 50th toning is the secret – it’s the active dynamic of the torus and it’s what allows people to access higher levels of consciousness through the Kototama. This is a strategic and enduring way to pass along vital information across generations.

Could it be mere coincidence that the sequence of vowels is identical to the Hebrew name of God – “Yahweh” – that people were told not to speak aloud?

Actually there is strong scientific evidence being collected in our current era that this process can have profound effects on the tuning of our own consciousness.

I trained at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, where they have been studying the “beyond the body” experience for decades. Along with the other students, I was taught to chant a tone and visualize a torus shaped aura of light surrounding me, flowing up through my feet, and out my head.  It seems that skillful re-creation (visual and auditory mimicking) of the fundamental energy flow is a key to expanding levels of consciousness as well as tapping space energy for electricity.  Is it possible that this access to expanded consciousness – this link with the creative force was what was being concealed from people in everyday life?

Photos: The Monroe Institute concept of “Re-bal” or “Resonant Balloon” surrounding the human body. Chanting in resonance with this field is taught as an aide to expanding one’s consciousness beyond the body.

In his modern book on the history of Kototama, Aikido instructor Masahilo Nakazono refers to the ancient Japanese Koziki and Takeuti documents, and concludes:

“The final mission of human beings is to judge perfectly their capacity and to place their creative activity in order with the universe.  About four thousand years ago our forefathers decided to perfect science, knowing that much sacrifice of human life, energy and matter would be necessary.”

- Kototama, Nakazono

So it became particularly intriguing to me that not only the alphabet, but also the famous Cabalistic Tree of Life from the Hebrew tradition, bears the same encoded knowledge.

Cabalistic Tree of Life

The Cabalistic Tree of Life, one of the central icons of the Hebrew holy book, the Torah, reveals a 64 tetrahedron array when composited and seen in 3D as ancient texts suggest. [1]

If we visualize in 3D, we can see that the “seed” at the bottom of the tree grows into a tetrahedron and then into an octahedron – in the same way that living geometry complexifies most efficiently – regardless of scale.


The same pattern has appeared in the mysterious patterns in fields called “crop circles.” The authentic ones of these seem to be messages from advanced cultures about how energy works in the Universe, so that humans can learn to align with nature – as the Kototama tradition suggests, before it is too late.

Nassim Haramein and Jean Luc Bozzoli have put together an animation to show how multiplying the Tree of Life reveals the 64-tetrahedral matrix with the Vector Equilibrium embedded within it.

It also fits perfectly on the flower of life…which also appeared in numerous forms as crop circles.

It also fits perfectly on the flower of life…which also appeared in numerous forms as crop circles.


The Cheops Pyramid

The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Egypt, has intrigued and mystified visitors and researchers for centuries.  It seems to embody vast troves of encoded ancient wisdom in at least two major realms. The first is mathematical and astronomical knowledge. The second is in expansion of consciousness – similar to the Kototama and Monroe Institute clues.

Cheops, Mathematics and Astronomy

Peter Tompkins, in Secrets of the Great Pyramid, describes how the Cheops pyramid encodes both the Pi and Phi proportions in the relation between its height, its base and its faces.[2] Astronomical data is also encoded in the Great pyramid, such as the distance between the Earth and Sun, the weights of the Earth and Moon and the radius of the Earth are also encoded in the structure.[3]

Consciousness Expansion

Elisabeth Haich, at the request of her Yoga students, wrote INITIATION, an autobiographical novel bringing together the life story of a Swiss woman and spiritual teacher in the 20th century with vivid recollections of her earlier life experience as a young priestess in ancient Egypt. She described the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber being used to focus resonance to facilitate a beyond the body journey of consciousness in highly trained initiates.

Manley P. Hall, in his Secret Teachings of All Ages, also describes knowledge that has been passed down across millenia concerning initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Cheops pyramid.

“The candidate was laid in the great stone coffin, and for three days his spirit – freed from its mortal coil – wandered at the gateways of eternity.  His Ka, as a bird, flew through the spiritual spheres of space. He discovered that all the universe was life, all the universe was progress, all the universe was eternal growth. Realizing that his body was a house which he could slip out of and return to without death, he achieved actual immortality. At the end of three days he returned to himself again, and having thus personally and actually experienced the great mystery, he was indeed an initiate…”

Peter Tompkins, one of the most renowned of pyramid researchers, came to a similar conclusion as Hall. “Whereas, externally the Pyramid ‘symbolized the creative principle of Nature, and illustrated also the principles of geometry, mathematics astronomy and astrology,’ within the building itself was the site of the mysteries of initiation – “a temple of initiation…a baptismal font upon emerging from which the neophyte was born again and became an adept.” [4]

Could there be any real science to this, or was this just ungrounded speculation?

Bill Schul and Ed Pettit, in Pyramids and the Second Reality, show with plexiglass models and laser beams, how the geometry of the Cheops Pyramid focuses energy into the King’s Chamber.

So what “energy” might be being focused in this way?

Scientific measurements have revealed that the Earth has “a heartbeat” – called the “Schuman Resonance” which pulses between the Earth surface and the bottom of the Ionosphere. It vibrates at approximately 7.8 cycles per second – right between the Alpha and Theta brainwave levels for humans and a carrier wave for “consciousness at rest” for horses, dogs and cats as well.  This is a state of deep but alert relaxation and intuitive attunement. The Schumann resonance has a wavelength so vast it circles the Earth in a matter of seconds and passes easily through concrete.

For many years I ran a company, MindCenter, in Silicon Valley that was pioneering in the world of Brainwave (EEG) Biofeedback. Through EEG feedback one can learn to voluntarily regulate their state of consciousness and relaxation through electronic monitoring and “feeding back” of their brainwave frequencies (as musical tones).  One of the major goals for many practitioners was to learn to lower one’s brain activity out of the Beta range (usual externally focused activity - above 13 cycles per second) down into the relaxed and creative Alpha range (8-13 cycles per second) and even into the meditative and highly intuitive Theta range (4-8 cps.)

Right on the cusp between Alpha and Theta is where we are awake but not forcing mental activity. In our experiments, we found this frequency band – right in resonance with the Schumann frequencies mentioned above – was where a portal of consciousness would often open up, allowing one’s awareness to extend into realms well beyond the physical. Subjects would often encounter unusual wisdom, information and even conscious entities in this state. I am strongly inclined to believe that facilitating such exploration and mastery was at least one of the purposes for the King’s chamber of the Great pyramid.

The half-octahedral shape of the Cheops pyramids is a key part of the fundamental structure of space-time itself.

It alternates with tetrahedra in the make-up of the Vector Equilibrium – the mother of all geometric symmetries - and the Isotropic Vector Matrix – the invisible structure of space.

This meta-physical “skeleton” of the cosmos itself was confirmed by a 10-year study by Italian Astronomers to see if the arrangement of galactic clusters was random or had any intrinsic structure.

It turned out to be based on what they called “The Egg Carton Universe” – Octahedra – point to point.[5]

Ark of the Covenant

Some say the Ark of the Covenant was not just a box, supposedly containing the tablets with the Ten Commandments written by God, but a device – a technology.

Here’s physicist, physician Dr. Patrick Flanagan:

Author Graham Hancock came to the conclusion after years of research that the “Ark” was actually an electrical device. He cites how “God” gave Moses detailed instructions on how to build a capacitor (Acacia wood covered on both sides by gold) with two gold objects on top which could have served as electrodes.

“The cherubim are to have their wings spread upwards so that they overshadow the throne of mercy on top of the Ark…there I shall come to you: there from above the throne of mercy, from between the two cherubim that are on the Ark.” [6]

Notice the Flower of Life type geometric pattern on the side of the ArkPerhaps “God and the burning bush” could more practically be describing an extra-terrestrial and a UFO – sharing knowledge of how to build an electric device?

Perhaps the “Covenant with God” was… accessing the life force itself?

“According to an enduring folk memory, for example, ‘two sparks (elsewhere described as “fiery jets”) issued from the cherubim which shaded the Ark – sparks which occasionally burned and destroyed nearby objects.” [7]

If the Ark were a potent electrical device, great care would have needed to be taken to avoid getting electrocuted by contact with it.

“According to several legends, and to rabbinical commentaries on the Old Testament, these bearers were occasionally killed by the ‘sparks’ which the Ark emitted an, in addition, were lifted bodily off the ground from time to time because ‘the Ark [was] able to carry its carriers as well as itself.” [8]

… [in] the story of Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron who were struck down by the Ark soon after its installation in the Tabernacle…according to the Scriptures a flame leapt out at them ‘and devoured them and they died.’ ” [9]

In my research I found it deeply provocative that:

Photo by Andre Salvador

1) legend speaks of these counter-gravitational capabilities of the Ark,

2) that ET visitors must have some sort of fuel-less anti-gravity propulsion that shapes time and space around it,

3) and that there is still no reasonable explanation for how huge stones were lifted into place for Egyptian pyramids and other structures - some of which even today could not be lifted by our cranes.

Hancock wrote that throughout the scriptures it was the only artefact explicitly and unambiguously portrayed as being imbued with supernatural energies.[10]

So on a practical level the “covenant of God” could have been the communion with the life force itself – by concentrating and discharging electricity.

“I believe that an explanation exists for the miracles and the terrors that it worked during this period – a rational explanation connected to its character as a man-made device and not to any divine or unearthly influences. Indeed my own investigations have led me to conclude that it may only be possible to understand the sacred relic properly when it is seen in this light – not as a repository of supernatural powers but as an artefact and as an instrument….the gift of an ancient and secret science, I think of it as a key to the sealed and unremembered history of our species, a sign of our forgotten glory, and a testament to lost truths about ourselves.” [11]

Researcher Nassim Haramein suggests that the key to the energy capabilities of the Ark was the 64 tetrahedra crystal he believes was contained within – that it tapped the energy that was then contained by the “capacitor box” and discharged through the gold cherubim “electrodes.”

Speculation, Conclusions, and Implications

So how does all this data and speculation tie together? Here’s what it means for me. Numerous ancient civilizations seemed to know an amazing amount about how energy works in the Universe – perhaps guided by advanced extra-terrestrial beings who visited here long ago - and were committed to passing it on through texts, oral traditions, icons and various other means.  While they may not have had the technology or resources to fully utilize this knowledge, it seems to me there were those who knew this code held huge potential for humanity.  Now that we have this vital information, we can learn to better align with the flow of the Universe to access abundant energy and the state of consciousness we know as harmony or love - that is so desperately needed to create a thriving planet.

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