Why Is Almost Everything Fake These Days?

Why is almost everything in our world today not what we thought?

Why Is Almost Everything Fake These Days?
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

To rule over others you must force or deceive, and forcing 7.5 billion people is unworkable.

That’s why the psychopathic would-be tyrants want to de-populate and to deceive, track, trace, inject, confuse, destabilize, demoralize and control the rest of us.

Their motto might as well be: “Fake it ’til you take it!”

We are immersed in:

  • Fake leaders — manipulative force vs. inspiring power of truth and courage
  • Fake banker’s wars started by lies and false flags, funded with stolen taxes and false credit
  • Debt-based, made-up, fake money instead of asset-backed real currency
  • Government indoctrination instead of curiosity-led education
  • Fake-news media instead of truth-seeking journalism
  • Oil and germ-based fake medicine instead of holistic natural healing
  • Fear and myth-based coercive religions instead of direct experience spirituality
  • Greed and domination instead of universal morality — based on non-aggression
  • Porn, pedophilia, prostitution and perversion rather than intimacy and lovemaking
  • Fake highs of gambling, social media and drugs instead of the earned happiness of discipline and accomplishment (dopamine vs. serotonin)
  • Fake intelligence (digital calculation of AI, Transhumans and Posthumans) instead of the hard-won and lasting fulfillment of awake, aware, caring and realized humans!

Perhaps the ultimate extreme — the emerging digital Deep Fakes — will lead us to question what’s real at a more fundamental level.

Ways of Coercion — So how do the perpetrators go about coercing so many into compliance? Fraud, Shame, Social pressure, Bribes, Threats and Intimidation, Blackmail and Sheer physical force.

Note that none of these are direct, honest or transparent. None are ethical.

As we stated in THRIVE II, “Principles, not Politics are the way out.”

So what is a “principle?”

Principle has two primary definitions…and the purpose of this essay is to show how they merge as one.


  1. an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct: a person of good moral principles.

This is the ethical aspect. The human, metaphysical experience. A moral principle is not a physical organ but it is embedded in our psyche as conscience, as logic, as the alignment with reality of the Unified Field.

  1. a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived: the principles of modern physics.

This is the physics, the cosmology part. It is observation of the fundamental nature of how energy works in the cosmos.

Examples of scientific principles are:

  • Contraction/Expansion — Whenever we pull on both ends of a rope (expansion) the rope shrinks in girth (contraction).
  • Heat rises relative to colder substance — Hot water added to a bath will tend to go to the surface. Hot gas will rise away from the major center of gravity — Earth — in relation to colder (slower moving) molecules.
  • Gravity pulls toward the center of massive systems — the moon to the Earth, the Earth to the Sun, the Sun to the Center of the Galaxy…
  • The Torus is the fundamental dynamic of sustainable systems — Atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies, clusters are all toroidal vortices.

And here’s where the two types of principles come together…

  • A human is a toroidal energy field — an electrical circuit — transferring energy between the Sun and the Earth.
  • When we are free to move, to choose, to relate, to explore facts, evidence and natural principles, …we CREATE, we are “free to thrive!”

The physics principle and the moral principle, of course, are one in the Unified Field.

“Private property, money, freedom, engineering and industry are all one system; they are the components of the high potential long circuit of energy. And when one element is taken out the rest must collapse, cease to function.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 218

When our lives are limited and violated by suppression, coercion, censorship, fraud, and violence, our living dynamic is short-circuited and we begin to wither and extinguish.

“Civil wars occur when kinetic energy is forcibly blocked or subverted by political intervention. The popular idea of revolution being made by ‘masses’ ground down for a long period into abject penury is fallacious. Slavery has never been abolished by a slave insurrection, but only by the exertions of freemen.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 233

Socialism, Communism, Fascism and even Democracy dupe people into sacrificing their sovereignty for the “good of the group.” It’s a Fake — a cover for coercion by a few. Over 32 countries have been devastated and hundreds of millions of murders by despots show this repeatedly.

“For the exercise of intelligence, on invention and discovery, a man must have some surplus materials, time, and energy, at his personal disposal, with freedom to seek whatever employment he prefers… For the exercise of volition, to route the energy in such channels that production will be maintained, every exchange of goods and labor must be made by free contract… The engineering problem then is to organize the long circuit for free men.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 284
“The whole problem is solved by observing throughout the principle of contract; and it can be solved in no other way. Contract is the principle of the true dynamic economy.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 285

The perpetrators of the Global Domination Agenda try to guilt folks into a mob mentality of controlling others’ lives in the name of the “good.” But the real good is honoring the freedom of others and their private property — from their bodies to the fruits of their labor.

Our world has been duped into fighting over arbitrary “fairness” — equity instead of equality, diversity of pigmentation, talent or wealth rather than essential moral character.

The fundamental “fairness” is individual freedom. The real good is conscience, harmony, non-aggression.

Aligning with the Unified Field is living harmoniously in Reality! Aligning your body with gravity, your breath and emotions with the natural flow, opening and focusing and relaxing your mind. Communicating and trading with others in peaceful, voluntary exchange. And it results in the experience of love, creativity and win/win success.

The fundamental moral compass is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) — no one can initiate force or fraud against another except in true defense of self or other. The natural extension of the NAP is a “stateless” society because involuntary taxation is theft under the threat of violence and therefore a violation of the NAP and its core morality.

“It was the first time a nation was ever founded on reasoned political principles, proceeding from the axiom that man’s birthright is freedom. And as long as those principles were maintained, it’s succeeded beyond all precedent… No matter how often and democracy might be tried it must shortly collapse into despotism.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 292
“Whoever is fortunate enough to be an American citizen came into the greatest inheritance man has ever enjoyed has had the benefit of every heroic and intellectual effort men have made for many thousands of years, realized at last. If Americans should now turn back, submit again to slavery, it would be a betrayal so basic human race might better perish. The opportunity is equally great to justify the faith which animated that long travail, and bequeath them such a noble and happy heritage.” Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, p. 292

Stay real, stand for freedom and keep your circuits flowing!