Welcome to my new independent portal, FREE TO THRIVE! This introduction explains the new site and the transition from ThriveOn.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to my new independent portal, FREE TO THRIVE!

After 20 years of full-on activism and media production in a corporate mode, we have closed the operations of ThriveOn.

All of the key creations from the Thrive Movement—the films, blogs, Freedom Portal shows and video clips are now archived here and available for free.

I will continue to post original videos, articles and my favorite memes to interested allies by email through membership on this site. Visitors may explore the site and archives for free. Those interested in interacting with me through virtual community gatherings as well as comment threads with Q&A, can subscribe for $15/month. Angel supporters who want to strengthen and further my work can subscribe for $375/month—and this will include a quarterly private call with me.

I am resuming work on a book I had started prior to committing to make THRIVE II. I will be sharing this process with subscribers and inviting chapter by chapter feedback as this work emerges.

The book is intended to provide a roadmap and compass—the Pathways and Principles for a Stateless Society. This was the punchline of THRIVE I & II and all the Freedom Portal shows. It’s the most important conversation I know of for the survival and thriving of humanity on Planet Earth.

Please join me in this urgent, unprecedented, and glorious challenge.

Truth floats and love wins!

In appreciation,
Foster Gamble

P.S. — Prior Freedom Portal subscribers who wish to continue with this network will have all advance payments from that platform applied to a new subscription to Free to Thrive.