Waking to Woke

Waking to Woke

I was having breakfast recently with a small group of dedicated and productive activists. We were discussing “Wokeism”, and one of the ladies broke in and said, “I’m confused. Doesn’t Woke just mean Awake?” This is one of the most critical distinctions of our time, and I want to try to break it down here as succinctly as possible, and post references for those who want to go deeper.

“Awake,” in this context, means having an accurate perception of reality and relevant motives. This allows one to see through propaganda, censorship and coercion to a correct diagnosis, which leads to reveal effective solutions and healing.

“Woke” is a cover, a deceptive attitude that distracts us from character with identity politics, that masks coercion with manipulative political correctness. To borrow my wife Kimberly’s term, Woke “weaponizes compassion.”

Woke identifies a value that most humans share… We don’t want discrimination based on skin color. We don’t want to pollute our environment or overheat our planet. We want as little suffering, sickness and poverty as possible. We want people to have equal rights.

But then these simple and obvious notions are twisted to shame uninformed or unthinking people into giving up individual rights for “the good of the group.” This is the most dangerous moment in the human thinking process regarding how we self-organize. This is the moment that the illusionary notion of the “collective” can seize control of people’s minds, bodies, productivity and property. (The group is only an idea made up of real individuals — like a dozen eggs — the eggs are real; the dozen is an abstraction.) Now controllers have an excuse to advocate violence, shut down free speech, surveil everyone, take over people’s bank accounts, separate families, mandate injections, increase taxation (theft), and ultimately imprison, torture and kill people… all in the name of the virtue signaling of sacrificing oneself to serve the state.

Does this sound familiar? Have you studied the pharaohs, the Kings, Chairman Mao, comrade Stalin, Hitler’s National Socialists (Nazis), Pol Pot’s communist dictatorship in Cambodia, and today… The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the WHO, the Gates Foundation, the Plandemic, George Soros, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the European Union, the European Central Bank, The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…?

So where did this all come from? Collectivism and deception are as old as the hills, but what I think is most relevant here, is that in 1776, as the European central bankers realized that they were losing control of the American colonies, they empowered a man named Adam Weishaupt in Germany to create a secret society called the Illuminati. (Yes, it’s a real thing.) Their charter was to pit dissidents against each other all over the world. Right versus left, fascist versus communist, nation states, genders…so that the collectivists behind them both could hide and then seize control. The next 250 years is just the details, the names and dates of the primary drama … can the would-be dominators take over the entire world before humanity catches on to this giant and lethal scam…and kick the bums out along with their claim that they should rule us?

Karl Marx was a major champion of this deception and the collectivists merged Marxist socialism/communism with Postmodernism to better dupe the masses. Postmodernism is basically the worldview that says there is no fundamental morality, and there is no fundamental truth. This is what now comes out of virtually all major Western universities as well as Hollywood, mainstream media, the military and governments. When people think that their opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, whether or not they have any evidence or logic… When people think that any behavior is acceptable because morality is relative… then it is much easier for the totalitarians to bend the masses to their will, and shame them if they dissent. Most people want to be good, but in this era, they are completely confused as to what that means.

Then victimhood, as a specially deserving identity, is added into the Woke mix. Critical theory and its extension into Critical Race Theory brush individual rights and true equality aside as the sociopaths polarize us all against each other while they assume more and more power over us.

Yuri Bezmenov, a refugee from the USSR and a former KGB agent and member of the Soviet Embassy staff, came to the US to try to wake us up to the strategy and tactics of the intended communist takeover of America and the world.

Bezmenov said it would take 2–3 generations and four stages. He said the communists would take over the universities and then the schools. My high school (Choate) and my university (Princeton) are totally gone to Wokeism. Rajiv Malhotra lays out the evidence in his excellent book Snakes in the Ganga, that Harvard is the central “nest of vipers” from which Wokeism is being imposed on India as well as the western world. Next the collectivists infiltrate media and Hollywood and finally the government. Bezmenov says it begins with:

  1. DEMORALIZATION, followed by
  3. CRISIS, and finally
  4. a NEW NORMAL.

Sound eerily familiar?

This conversation Bezmenov had with G. Edward Griffin in 1984 is a must-watch if you want to truly understand the plot that has almost succeeded in creating a one world police state with the bankers, billionaires, technocratic transhumanists and their secret societies in charge.

For the Woke,

“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.
The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”
— Ibram X. Kendi

The collectivist’s core mantra is “fairness” because they can twist what that means to their own agenda. The true north of a universal morality is “freedom,” which is the real foundation of fairness — equality of protection and opportunity, not equity of outcome.

Billions are awakening to the realization that, for the Woke, The Great Reset is the Plan for their New World Order. Agenda 2030 is the strategy. Total surveillance with global vax passports, CBDCs and Social Credit Scores are the tactics. ESG and DEI is the subterfuge to extend Social Credit control to the corporations.

So here’s my little poem about this:

“We need to wake up
to the truth about Woke
— before it is all too late.
And remember this scam,
and so many more shams,
all go away without the State.”
— Foster Gamble

See this clip from THRIVE II on What Goes Away Without the State: