Thrive Solutions Group Catalyzes Colorado GMO Labeling Movement

With over 1,000 groups now in our Solutions Hub Network it is thrilling when we hear from various groups what they are up to and how their efforts are benefitting one another.

Thrive Solutions Group Catalyzes Colorado GMO Labeling Movement

With over 1,000 groups now in our Solutions Hub Network, it is thrilling when we hear from various groups what they are up to and how their efforts are benefitting one another. The current success of Denver’s THRIVE group offers templates for organizing and languaging that can now facilitate the same work around the country and the world through our Solutions Hub.

Although labeling is clearly only a first step in the banning of GMOs, this initiative can raise awareness and hopefully provide increasing interim protection. Legislative initiatives are not intended to bypass or overrule grass-roots boycotts and other methods of achieving control over our food. They are however a part of the process as we see it.

Here is some history on how this came to be:

In 2012, Kimberly and I were invited to conduct a Solutions Summit workshop with the very active and engaged THRIVE group from Denver.

Participants identified which Sector they were most passionately drawn to (Environment, Health, Economics etc.) and what Level of Engagement (Immediate Needs, Systemic Change or Consciousness Shift) and dove into conversations about organizational strategies and activist tactics as well as how best to engage in harmonious decision making and conflict resolution. The group explored a variety of issues and approaches and decided that they would be most successful if they narrowed their focus to two main issues — New Energy and GMOs.

By the next year they were already boldly and successfully incorporating leading edge inventors and educators into major conferences in Colorado and continuing to spread the word. Colorado is, in my personal experience, one of the major hotbeds of authentic New Energy innovation in the US, with more and more inventors moving to the area and frequently creating dynamic collaborations with one another. This kind of synergy among breakthrough technologists is quite new in the field and bodes very well for the acceleration of the understanding of New Physics and bringing these game-changing devices out safely to the world.

The other project selected by THRIVE Denver, and their coordinators, Larry and Tryna Cooper, was to get a GMO labeling initiative passed and implemented.

They called their initiative Right To Know Colorado and with limited financial resources but vast commitment and hundreds of volunteers, they created Proposition 105. According to the Washington Post, they acquired nearly 40,000 more signatures than the required 86,105.

“This historic achievement is only possible because of the thousands of hours volunteers contributed to this effort. We had more than 500 people collect signatures throughout the state with signatures from every county in the state. The people of Colorado made this happen.”Larry Cooper
“Thank you again to the hundreds of volunteers and the 171,370 people who signed in support of labeling GMOs. Now we look toward to November and need your support.”Tryna Cooper

The measure will be voted on in November and is riding on the wave of public awakening around the world — most recently triggered by ballot initiatives in California, Washington State, Vermont and Oregon. We encourage everyone in Colorado to participate and contribute to creating the model, as you did with cannabis legalization, for the rest of the country to demand truth about what they are consuming.

Ultimately, in the liberty world described in THRIVE, we would not be begging a government to stop poisoning us or submitting our health to some sort of majority vote. We fully support the GMO bans against involuntary exposure to GMO crops and foods as well. At the core of this movement is the awareness that every individual should have their rights protected to not have their crops, their food, their eco-systems, their water or their bodies contaminated with toxic substances against their will or without their knowledge. We are also aware that the damaging effects of pesticides like Roundup are just as horrifying as that of the GMO foods themselves and need to be stopped. In Stage One of the Thrive 3-Stage transition to a free society, however, this sort of labeling initiative can help protect us as we move forward on the ban. Whether this bill works this time around or not, there are many other tactics that can and will be employed — lawsuits, divestment, media campaigns, direct action etc. — with this and every violation being perpetrated against us. The State proposition is not instead of other actions, but is part of an overall strategy to reclaim authority over our own lives and the food we eat.

Here is an article, Colorado’s GMO Labeling Measure Prop 105 to be Voted on in November, by J. D. Heyes that goes into much more detail about this campaign.

We salute the inspiring co-creativity of Tryna and Larry and the whole THRIVE Denver group and the Right to Know Colorado groups. And we invite other THRIVE Solutions Groups to write in or send a video describing your projects and what you are learning from both the challenges and successes along the way. We don’t tell groups what to do or try to manage them in any way. This is a non-violent, principles-based, decentralized movement empowering self-creating groups, and if we share our stories, materials and best practices with one anothe, we will be unstoppable in our path toward a thriving world for all.