“The House Will Be in (New World) Order”

Here is my personal experience of January 6, 2021 together with a Hegelian dialectic to understand what really happened on that day.

“The House Will Be in (New World) Order”

I don’t watch a lot of C-SPAN. It’s like watching paint dry on an ugly house, in a bad neighborhood with a lot of lying, cheating and threats of violence going on inside.

But on the morning of January 6, 2021, I was working at my desk with C-SPAN on my wall screen, eagerly awaiting what I thought would be a historic testimony about the obvious election fraud that had just taken place.

Frankly, I was amazed they were even going to carry it at all, much less carry it live. I stopped working to focus intently on Congressman Paul Gosar, from Arizona, as he pulled his mask down to his neck and started to present the evidence. I include that clip in case you forgot or never saw it. The evidence was to be offered for hours, yet in the early stages of this first talk on the floor, bedlam begins to emerge (2:29), and the session is adjourned. Most importantly, the evidence was never heard!


A small group is assembled under cover of secrecy. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Henry Kissinger and a few others are in person, joined by Gyorgy Schwarz (aka George Soros) and Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) by secure video, as well as the ghost of David Rockefeller. Barry is running the meeting from the SCIF in his basement.

“Our agenda can’t survive another four years of Donald Trump, and if it’s discovered that this election was a landslide in his favor, we’re done and dusted. We’re history… and not the one we want told. We absolutely cannot let evidence be presented in Congress, and we need to get something on Trump that keeps him from being able to run in 2024. Don’t worry, Mr. R, we haven’t forgotten you… We’re on it.

“Nancy, you need to not only refuse any extra police or National Guard around the capital building, but you need to secretly get the capital police to open the doors to peaceful protesters and lure them into our trap. Then we’ll destroy the notion of ‘peaceful protest,’ and make it all look like a Trumped up insurrection. Hell, Nance, let’s pull out all the stops. How about getting your daughter to film the whole thing. Then we can edit it however we want.

“Schiffty, then you will orchestrate a nationally televised hearing that will cement this narrative in the minds of Americans. We will even make it look bipartisan by getting a few deep state Republicans to participate. Cheney and Kinzinger should do. We’ll need to selectively edit both the capital surveillance video and Trump’s speech to fit our story, but once we’ve got the White House again, we can suppress any damning clips.

“Chuck and Mitch, we need hundreds of agent provocateurs from the FBI and other agencies in the group that goes from Trump’s speech to the capital. We’ve already got Ray Epps on board to lead them into violent behavior. Chuck, do you think you could get your bodyguard to take out a high profile protester?

“George, this is going to be on-going and expensive. We’re counting on a continuous flow of funds.

“Remember, the fate of the New World Order hangs in the balance on this one. Out of chaos comes order. No slip-ups. This is among the noblest of lies. So get it done.”


What happened on January 6 is the best that conservatives could come up with in terms of an “armed insurrection” to steal “the most fair election” in history. It was sheer coincidence that Chuck Schumer’s bodyguard assassinated conservative veteran Ashli Babbitt. Sheer coincidence that Pelosi refused extra protection. Pure liberal kindness that had the capital police open the doors, remove the tourist gates, and usher a mob into the capital building… just as Representative Paul Gosar was beginning to present a cascading snowball of evidence of election fraud. Just bad luck that Jim Jordan was turned down for the committee in favor of Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz. Just an oversight that thousands of hours of incriminating capital surveillance video was suppressed. Just lucky for the Democrats, that they could present a case against candidate Donald Trump for insurrection during the campaign season. Just happenstance that Ray Epps was finally simply put on probation while hundreds of other protesters were put in jail and are still there. Just coincidence that hundreds of undercover FBI agents were disguised in the peaceful gathering, prodding protesters to violence.


Truth floats. It comes out eventually because it’s real, whereas false flags, misdirection, fake propaganda hearings etc. are a layer of human-created fraud smeared on top of the fabric of reality, which is the life force itself… The truth. The kangaroo court of January 6 hearings is being seen for what it was. The careful preparation and all of the logical elements for the creation of a false flag operation to conceal the election fraud and to undermine Donald Trump and any future candidacy are becoming apparent. It’s getting clearer to more folks that honest politics serve us way better than fraudulent ones. And one day we will see that politics itself is based on the coercion of involuntary taxation, and to remove the rot at its core, the entire myth of authority must go if humanity is to survive, … and thrive.