The Big NEO-Con

The Big NEO-Con

“NEO” — many know the word now as the name of the Keanu Reeves hero who escapes from the Matrix. But that’s just the opposite of the common political uses these days: Neo-Conservative, Neo-Liberal, Neo-Feudal.

Neo has its roots in the Greek Neos meaning “new.” So what is new about the current usage? Pure deception. Attach oneself to something that actually had some credibility and value — what the business marketers call “positioning” — and then twist the reality for more covert coercion.

The Federal Reserve isn’t federal. The World Health Organization centralizes control over mandatory toxic injections for de-population. The Environmental Protection Agency cronies out the destruction of the environment and the externalization of the costs of corporate pollution. The Inflation Reduction Act prints trillions to make sure the economy keeps inflating until it bursts.

The term “neo-conservative” arose in the ’60s among liberal hawks displeased with the annoying protests for little things like free speech and stopping western imperialism. Disciples of Leo “the Noble Lie” Strauss and the Chicago School of Economics figured they could ride on the coattails of the term “conservative” and its implications of personal freedom, protection of family values, shrinking government, sound currency and no foreign encroachments…and then go about doing just the opposite of all those things. The Bushes George, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Irving and Bill Kristol and their cohorts were schooled by Leo Strauss that it was OK — in fact noble — to lie about things like 9/11, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, IMF unrepayable loan fraud and crippling “Austerity” measures — as long as they served the Deep State New World Order Agenda of global dominance.

Then the Deep State globalists pulled the same trick with the other wing and created Neo-Liberalism. Liberal, liberty, you know — free, voluntary, rights, sovereignty, tolerance — all those cozy words that used to smack of actual morality. These became the new sheep’s clothing for hiding the cabal’s agenda for absolute control through deceptive divide-and-conquer tactics. The parasitical Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kissinger, Clinton, Soros, and Gates minions looked to ride on the backs of actual free-marketers like Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, and Ludwig von Mises and twist it into state-interventionism at every local, national and global turn. Wars for oil, gold and new tax bases. Global taxation to fund the One World Government under the guise of Climate Catastrophes made up by the globalists at the Club of Rome and the UN. Wokeism, race baiting and identity politics to pit people against each other so they would be distracted from the reality of the technocratic, communist New World Order takeover of money, health, property, media, education and everything else.

I could go on to more bastardizations of concepts through wrapping the Global Domination Agenda in NEO terms, but I want to keep it simple. When you see this terminology, do your homework. Swim upstream. Challenge the core assumptions to see if they are ethically sound, and stand up for freedom if they are not.

Otherwise, it will be too late, and our children will wake up already imprisoned by the NEO World Order.