Tennessee: A Fractal Hologram of Good News

Here are some recent glorious examples of individual human beings awakening to what’s really going on.

Tennessee: A Fractal Hologram of Good News
The raccoon was adopted as Tennessee’s official wild animal in 1971

Audio Transcription

Hi folks, Foster here.

I want you to brace yourself for a glorious fractal hologram of great news. I’ll make it as succinct as I can.

You know, the mainstream media is constantly spreading gloom and doom and deceptions, implying the imminent centralized and total control of humanity.

Now the truth is, it’s mostly a trick, an illusion, a lie. They’ve actually built a house of cards founded in deception, and we outnumber them by more than a million to one.

What’s really going on is individual human beings are awakening to what’s really going on and to the truth of the limitless creativity and love pouring through each of their souls. The truth is, we live in a holographic fractal universe, so what’s happening in one location is usually happening in countless other ones around the world.

So let’s take a look at one example.

Planet Earth, North America, Tennessee. One region, one community coming together to stand against tyranny. Now, maybe Elvis is alive and helping them shake things up, I don’t know. Maybe all those musicians are just tired of singing the blues, I don’t know. I do know the official wild animal of Tennessee is the raccoon, and they don’t like being messed with.

So here we go, here’s what they’re up to.

They’ve just passed a bill banning chemtrailing, and they’ve done it very cleverly, bypassing the whole argument about whether or not chemtrailing is happening and simply forbidding it in the future.

They’re banning mRNA vaccines in food. If you don’t know, the culprits are now putting the gene distortions in lettuce, spinach, pork, beef, and more in an effort to get it into our bodies somehow.

Tennessee is also one of 24 states to already ban biological men in women’s sports. This restores fairness and helps prevent unnecessary injury and the destruction of Title IX, which was instituted to protect athletic competition for females in the first place.

Now, this last one is huge.

The Tennessee state government brought David Rogers Webb, author of The Great Taking, they brought him over from Sweden to address a House subcommittee on the topic of how to avoid that Great Taking legislation in their state.

This is the covert legislation that has turned over not only your deposits, but also your securities to the banks in case of default. So-called ownership of your stocks has been relabeled entitlement, which in true Orwellian fashion is exactly not that. It actually gives it over to the banks, and you’re the lender of last resort.

So I put a link down below to this video because it’s mind blowing. Webb and his attorney turned these guys upside down with the information that they delivered. Great questions were asked.

And I contacted David Webb yesterday to see how the vote turned out because all I saw was a testimony. And here’s what he said. He said it passed six to one. Tremendous momentum. They accelerated the Senate hearing to the next day. It was passed unanimously. The Republican Senate majority leader voted for it. The Democrat chairman of the Black Caucus voted for it. So it’s a nonpartisan issue with national implications.

Then the banking lobby threatened the state treasurer with denial of services. The treasurer went to the speaker of the House, who went to the chairman of the full House committee, which then stopped the hearing of the bill in the full Congress by referring it to summer study. But this ultimately won’t be stopped.

Now nearby Tennessee, Louisiana has just passed a bill against the WHO health treaty. It passed unanimously in their Senate.

And nearby in Florida, the state Surgeon General is calling for a halt in the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

So I could go on and on, but here’s the point.

Emerging are the farmers, the truckers, the true healers, the honest lawyers, the truth media makers, the authentic educators, the awakened, the moral activists, the protectors of family, friends, of our DNA, of our species, of our freedom.

So find that spark within yourself. Purge the darkness of illusion and reignite your radiant soul.

Bye for now.

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