Stand for Freedom. Do Not Comply.

Stand for Freedom. Do Not Comply.
Credit: Gina Carano

Audio Transcription

Hi folks, Foster Gamble here with a really simple message: Stand for freedom. Do not comply.

Have you noticed that no one regrets not getting the COVID bio weapon injection? But it’s coming back. Do not comply.

Only enemies of health freedom are censoring open debate. They’re getting exposed and obsoleted. Do not comply.

Now they’re trying to get the mRNA genocidal toxins into our bodies through the vegetables, fruits, and animals we eat, as well as with aerosol spraying. More evidence is emerging that it goes into the nucleus of our genes and can change our DNA intergenerationally.

They’re starting to use the human-caused global warming fraud to justify carbon taxes, Agenda 2030, 15-minute city lockdowns, and more. People are waking up to this globalist coercion. Do not comply.

They’re failing at trying to confiscate weapons in America, but they’re still trying. Do not comply. Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party are trying to impose a WHO Global ID VAX passport to seize control over all people and nations. Do not comply.

They’re about to try to install a fiat money central bank digital currency to monitor and control all our resources and a Chinese-style social credit score to manipulate our travel and all of our behavior. Nigeria already squashed it with only 2% complying. Do not comply.

They continue to rig elections and welcome millions of illegal migrants to destroy America, this last bastion of freedom. The BRICS countries are adding members, moving to gold-backed currency and de-dollarizing. The U.S. is $33 [trillion] in debt and still printing fake money, which is growing toward hyperinflation. Think Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the Weimar Republic.

The sociopathic cabal is losing in every major battlefield, which is making them even more desperate. Will they launch a Marburg pandemic with 80% mortality? Will they create a global cyber attack to take over the Internet? Cut off our food supply and water supplies? Launch a nuclear attack with Russia or China? Be clear, they are homicidal, suicidal, and without remorse. They will stop at nothing.

It is up to us to expose the truth, obsolete the insane perpetrators and liberate all benevolent beings. Stand for freedom as an individual, with your friends, family, community, your work associates. This is the most critical moment in history for the future of humanity. Utopia or oblivion, police state or sovereignty, a boot on our necks, or a thriving, creative species on a flourishing planet. Do not comply.

Stand for truth and freedom even if it makes your voice tremble, or threatens some of your old friendships with people who don’t understand yet. Remember, in the long run, Truth floats and love wins. We can do this.