I have two friends whose children have died after the jab. Many more who have been significantly injured. Even more are getting sick...a lot.

Economies are collapsing. Humanity is polarizing. Tyranny is rearing its head and showing its fangs and trying to corner all of us into Vax passports, endless toxic jabs and ultimately surrender to a dystopian transhumanist tyranny.

No compassionate person would write the script for humanity with such widespread anguish and suffering, yet each of us is only writing our part of the drama.
Nevertheless...this IS happening...

This is a test of Soul and savvy - of integrity, morality and critical thinking.
With humility and wisdom, we can nurture and restore the wholeness of natural systems.
So, what is the larger picture unveiling?
Are there any silver linings to this giant storm cloud?

Yes...and here’s a partial list of what I see:

  1. More people are learning to grow their own food.
  2. More people are working from home without travel and office overhead.
  3. More parents are thinking critically about their choices for their children’s education.
  4. Alternative truth-media platforms are sprouting and growing beyond the old reach of the establishment press.
  5. More people are realizing that there’s something fundamentally wrong.
  6. Many are thinking more deeply about rights. What are they? Where do they come from? How do we get them back?
  7. Conspiracy Theory” is losing its power as a dismissive insult - as so many real conspiracies are being validated.
  8. More people are learning how to emotionally deal with the dangerous reality of global scale “nefarious intent”.
  9. The nefarious agendas of Big Pharma, Big tech, Big Media, Globalist politicians and bankers are becoming blatantly obvious.
  10. More discernment is emerging about fake news, propaganda and censorship, hidden agendas and secret loyalties.
  11. Famous people and institutions that had fooled the masses into trusting them are being unveiled - Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, AMA, FDA NIAID, NIH, the Chinese Communist Party, etc.
  12. The Rockefeller sponsored Germ Theory that has destroyed so much of Western medicine and health is being replaced by evidence of accuracy for Terrain Theory.
  13. Friendships and family relations are being shaken out of habits and becoming based on more authentic grounds. Genuine truth-seekers are finding new allies and deeper relations.
  14. The Plandemic has given humanity a common enemy around which to unite - coercion...and a common North Star by which we can navigate together - Freedom!
  15. More people than ever are learning to be prepared to survive and thrive with their community - personally, environmentally, digitally...
  16. More people are realizing how vital it is to be armed and trained for self-defense and protecting our loved ones and our natural rights.
  17. Humankind has been digitally more connected than ever. Now the agenda for control can be replaced by loving connection and humanitarian care, bonding our species around universal morality and voluntary association.
  18. The depth and danger of the global assault being exposed is inspiring unprecedented collaboration around truth, freedom and solutions.
  19. The world is watching places like Australia, Canada, Austria, China, the Netherlands and Sri Lanka to learn non-violent strategies against tyrannical coercion.
  20. More people are leaving government jobs and government schools.
  21. People are finding out that defunding police, locking down schools and opening borders don’t work unless there is a viable independent, voluntary alternative.

Don’t let them extinguish your inner light while we’re turning this around.
When humans try to coerce each other...physical, emotional, mental, and financial suffering ensues...
Then Nature responds, People learn, Truth rises. Love prevails.