Message #1 from Free to Thrive

In this new video, Foster Gamble shares a glimpse of what’s really going on — for better and for worse — and how this new portal will empower members with critical information, analysis and community to not only survive, but to thrive through the coming challenges.

Message #1 from Free to Thrive

Audio Transcript

Hi folks, Foster Gamble here.

And as many of you know, after 20 years, Kimberly and I and our team have closed down the corporate operations of ThriveOn.

But do not despair. I am not quitting. I am not sick. I haven’t been bribed or brainwashed or threatened.

I have in fact just launched yesterday a new portal of analysis and community. And I’m super excited about sharing this with you and inviting you into it.

It’s called Free to Thrive. It’s at

And first of all, all of the archives of Thrive are now available for free on this site. So the films, the blogs, over 200 blogs, two and a half years of Freedom Portal shows are now available for free.

And this has been our intention ultimately all along is to leave a roadmap and a compass that provides the structure, the plot for what’s going on, the logic of how to get out of this and evidence of everything.

So we are thrilled and relieved to finally just have that all available to the world for free.

So this new entity, Free to Thrive, is very broad in scope. As usual with me, you know you’re gonna get a very comprehensive picture, but it’s also very focused in its intent on transforming to a truly free humanity. So everything that I cover will be in that light.

So this format will be more agile, less formal, shorter formats of new videos and articles. And then we’ll also have periodic community gatherings, virtual community gatherings called Fireside Live, where I get to learn from you, you get to learn from me, we get to discuss the leading topics, and where people get to commune with other people who are dedicated to truth and freedom and able to go anywhere in these vital conversations.

So I will be looking at current events, of course, because they really matter, most of them, but I’ll be looking at them in the light of a stateless society.

What does it have to do with where we need to go to get out of this mess?

So there is a lot going on in the world right now. I don’t need to tell you that.

On a very dark side, they’re now putting mRNA vaccines into our food. The WHO has been trying to get this global vaccine passport that would restrict all of our activities unless we comply. The central bankers are trying to move toward the central bank digital currency, which would go together with the VAX passport to create a complete totalitarian social credit score and basically global lockdown for any dissidents, any freedom lovers. There’s the vaccine deaths and injuries are mounting tragically. And I think unfortunately we’re only getting started. And now we’re seeing a massive assault on the food factories and farms.

So I’ll be talking of course about these individual incidents, but how they all tie together, what’s the root of it and how we can clean that out.

Now on the positive side, truth is coming out dramatically about what really happened on January 6th, what happened with the election, what’s going on with the borders in the US, what’s going on behind the scenes, what has been going on with the whole scam-demic and our health freedom. Free speech has returned to a great extent to Twitter. The Pentagon leaks are revealing a lot of the real agenda of what’s going on in Ukraine. RFK Jr. is running for president. That is going to stir up some major debates. Disney, CNN, Bud Light, they’re all demonstrating very publicly right now how to go broke by going woke.

And one of the other things I’m really excited about right now is that a large number—and mounting—of prominent lefties are awakening to the global domination agenda and leaving the left. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that they’re just going to the right to that pendulum swing. My experience of most of them is that they’re actually rededicating themselves not to politics, but to the principles of truth and freedom. So I’m talking about Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald and Russell Brand and Dave Rubin, Naomi Wolf, Bobby Kennedy, Michael Rectenwald, Michael Shellenberger, Tulsi Gabbard, Mikki Willis, Elon Musk…

The list goes on and on, and it’s really revealing and exciting to me because my motto these days is “Truth floats and love wins.” And it’s happening. We’re getting to witness it.

So I don’t want to be long-winded in this video. I want to make this short so you can pass along easily to your friends.

I do want to share one quick clip with you because my new book that I’m working on is dedicated to the principles and pathways to a stateless society.

For a lot of people in the public, when I talk about a stateless society, you can see their head exploding inside because we've gotten so used to having mommy or daddy government ruling us.

Well, I’ve spent 30 years tracing the roots of the problem and it virtually all goes back to this myth of authority, to the notion that anybody should be ruling us. So I’m going to get deeply into how the stateless society could work through Free to Thrive and with you hopefully.

But meanwhile, I want to just remind you, I want to show you a clip from THRIVE II that summarizes a partial list of an ongoing archive that I keep on what would society be like without the state? What goes away when we go to a truly voluntary society? So let me briefly share this clip with you.

With no authoritarian rule of government, imagine what goes away.

I’m going to read this for you for in case you’re looking at a small screen or driving the car.

Wars of aggression, subsidies, bailouts, monopolies — on force and money, unsound currency, fractional reserve lending, taxes, partisan politics, lobbyists, control of politics through social media censorship, rigged elections, executive orders, signing statements, gerrymandering, pedophilia-based blackmail of politicians, immigration issues, eminent domain, sovereign immunity, corporate personhood, protection of polluters, emergency powers, mass surveillance, violation of informed consent, mandatory vaccination, police state, stop and frisk, military draft, military industrial complex, suppression of indigenous people, suppression of free energy, suppression of UFO/ET phenomenon, and on and on.

So that’s just a glimpse of what we will be getting into. So I invite you, come join us, check it out for free, at Free to Thrive.

You have a month free membership and then you can still peruse the website for free if you want to have more contact with me and get involved in the community gatherings and really be a part of the interaction building this new world, then we’ll invite you to subscribe.

But meanwhile, come and just visit us, check it out. I think you’ll find it very compelling and very useful and really fun.

So come join us at, and I look forward to seeing you there.