Let’s Talk about SEX… and GENDER

Let’s Talk about SEX… and GENDER

Here are my top 10 points to try to cut through the ignorance, confusion and propaganda that is creating the next polarization among people.

1) SEX

Sex is biological, physical and, except for the rare androgynous or intersex being, it is binary — male or female. It’s easy and obvious to determine sex from genitalia.


Gender is experiential. There is a polarized spectrum, from ultra-feminine to ultra-masculine and everything in between. This is like a magnetic field, like the Acid/Base polarity of the Periodic Table of Elements, like the North and South pole of all planets and suns…and the Coriolis effect that the weather patterns in the northern and southern hemispheres spiral in opposite directions.

I have learned that we experience gender in two ways. First there is the gender we individually identify as. Sometimes a person who is physically a male experiences themselves as more feminine on the gender spectrum, and similarly for a biological female who senses themselves as more masculine than feminine. (I remember seeing a study years ago that showed that unadulterated estrogen levels tended to correlate with where on the gender spectrum they identified, regardless of their sex. I haven’t been able to find that study recently. If anyone can help, let me know.) Such a person is called transgendered (or trans) when their gender identity differs significantly from their birth sex.

The second way we experience gender is through that which we are attracted to, physically or emotionally. For straight people, this gender attraction is generally different from their own gender identity, while for gay people, they are generally the same. Because gender is a spectrum, there exist endless possible combinations of resulting hetero-, bi- and homosexuality. The experience of gender attraction can be even broader than this, as a person could have no attraction to anything (asexuality), or the gender a person is physically attracted to could be different from the gender the same person is emotionally attracted to. Trans people experience a spectrum of gender attraction as well, and their resulting relationships may defy conventional labeling.


Adults should be free to do what they want with their bodies and have consensual sex with whomever they please, as long as they are not violating anyone else against their will.


Minors need to be protected from coercion, sterilization, castration or mutilation when they are too undeveloped mentally and emotionally, and too uninformed to consent to a decision that could have horrific and irreversible outcomes they might very well regret for the rest of their lives.


No sexual grooming, gender propaganda or coercion of children should be allowed in schools, churches, cults, families etc. Ideally, youth should be listened to, informed and honored in their perceptions, but not subjected to physical or chemical changes until they are mature enough and have sufficient life experience to make their own unalterable decisions responsibly.


Confusion around these distinctions is being created and weaponized to serve the global tyrannical agenda for technocratic transhumanism. Transhumanists disdain natural evolution of biology and consciousness as inefficient. They want to drastically reduce populations so we are easier to control and act in servitude to the controllers. Their self-proclaimed ideal being is an androgynous male, undistracted by sex, love and family allegiance. Their goal is to make babies in petri dishes until they can do away with carbon-based life altogether and surrender humanity to silicon-based robots.

Some people have genuine gender dysphoria, but many others are being manipulated as part of socialist “demoralization” or pedophilic grooming. This is part of the “Woke” agenda for total cultural revolution, like those of Mao and Stalin, by destroying critical thinking, common sense, morality and family bonds to serve “the good of the group” — a pseudonym for the authoritarian State.


Some transgender females are infiltrating women’s sports — undermining the hard-won opportunities recently achieved through Title IX in the US — and non-biological females should not be allowed in women’s competitions or to have access to their changing rooms. Where size and strength matters, sports should be based on sex, not on gender. Surgery can change our appearance, and even our self-perception — but not our true sex.

The moral answer is to have separate leagues and locker rooms for trans people if they don’t want to compete or change clothes with their own biological sex. Will those leagues be popular? We don’t know, but that’s not the point, any more than “Would ending slavery threaten the economy” of the American deep south. The key questions are “Is it moral? Is it right? Does it protect the equal rights of every individual?”


Growing up, I had a male cousin whose behavior was extremely effeminate from a very early age. He went on to become a world-class ballet dancer, and lived a vibrant life as a gay man. There was no apparent influence in his family environment for his sexual preference.

I have had many gay and lesbian friends throughout my life. 7% of most regional populations throughout the world are homosexual or bisexual. I have often wondered what might cause this difference. I’m not sure we can really know, or that it truly matters, but here’s some of what I have heard and observed over the years:


a) For the vast majority it seems one’s psyche is just born with the disposition.


b) Other times it seems that deep or repeated trauma at the hands of the opposite gender seems to drive people to distrust them and seek sexual satisfaction and companionship from their own gender instead.


c) Most startling of all is a unique experience I had with one of the most profound healers of cancer, chronic fatigue, EMF sickness and many other afflictions. I haven’t validated this, but it raises intriguing possibilities and pitfalls. He confided that he never wanted to work again with gay people. I was surprised because he was not at all bigoted or homophobic.

“No, no, it’s not that at all,” he said. “My treatment repairs DNA and when the original integrity of the helix was restored in two gay patients, their sexual preference was totally reversed and they were furious with me, as they felt that they had just lost their identity, their love-life, and their social group.”

Will individuals have choice about their gender through DNA alteration in the future? Is this even desirable? I believe the key, as with everything, will be “Is it voluntary and with informed consent?”


If an individual is of a mature age, their brain has developed and it’s clear that their gender identity does not match their sex, we can encourage them to get deeply informed about all the potential upsides and downsides of transitional surgery and chemicals — including success stories as well as the huge number of nightmare stories of on-going infection, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Then they can make the huge decision — “Is it better to try to change my sex by altering the organic wholeness of my body — or rather to choose a lifestyle where I can still have a healthy body with attendant arousal, orgasm, (birthing and nursing for females) and other natural functions.” I am deeply concerned that many are pressured to be fashionable, to do whatever it takes to be accepted by others. It’s important not to get fooled into thinking that being depressed about other things might be solved by physical transitioning. I encourage people who are questioning themselves on this issue to take the time to truly study, talk to people who know first-hand and make perhaps the biggest decision of your life when you really feel ready!


Whoever we deem ourselves to be, whatever our preferences or lifestyle, it’s immoral to mandate other’s speech! (Megyn Kelly’s awakening) One can ask or suggest what one wants to be called, but it’s a violation of the non-aggression principle to insist on changing another’s right to free speech. (Celebs demanding censorship)

How can we each be true to ourselves, but live and let live. In a truly free and voluntary society, adults will represent almost every lifestyle imaginable, and we can do this harmoniously as long as we don’t encroach on the person or property of another.