Dominoes of Destiny …and Liberation

In this video blog, I share my perspective of the light at the end of the rabbit hole and my optimism despite how much I know about all the nefarious things that are going on in the world.

Dominoes of Destiny …and Liberation

Audio Transcript

Hi folks, it’s Foster Gamble here from And I want to share with you today what I consider to be a very exciting perspective.

People are continually asking me, how come you’re so encouraged? How come you’re optimistic given how much you know of all the nefarious things that are going on in the world?

And I am encouraged. I see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not because I’m naive about what’s going on. It’s because I’ve gone so deep down the rabbit hole that I feel like I can see a lot of what’s coming, and it’s very encouraging to me. So I want to share with you a little bit of the perspective that has me feeling that way.

You know, my motto these days, some of you have heard me say this, is “truth floats and love wins.” And when I say “truth floats,” what I mean is that reality itself is the boundless cosmos. It is the nature of the unified field.

Now, we live in a universe, apparently, of free will. So we can choose to lie, cheat, steal, kill, abuse our bodies, ignore our health, and so forth. But karma seems to come back on us if we do. So what’s that? I think that’s the unified field itself which wants us to thrive. Its primary job is to grow life in the universe. And when someone goes up against it, that can happen because of free will, but it doesn’t mean that the universe isn’t going to react. So when I say “truth floats,” I mean reality emerges. Truth emerges sooner or later.

And when I say “love wins,” I’m not talking about subjugating someone. I’m not talking about conquering. I’m talking about obsoleting the nefarious agendas and actually moving into the condition of a healthy humanity, thriving on this awesome planet, in harmony with nature, in harmony with one another, with ourselves, and ultimately with all the entities of the cosmos. So that’s what I mean.

So what I want to share with you is the image of dominoes. Any of you, I’m sure you’ve played at some point or other where you stack dominoes up and then you tip the first one and all the dominoes, if you stack them up correctly, they fall one into another. And I believe that that’s what’s happening right now. And so I’m calling this perspective the dominoes of destiny and liberation.

So what do I mean by that? Okay, there are nefarious agendas in every single sector, and then there are people waking up to that reality and then creating whole system solutions.

The first domino that I predict is going to fall — and this is not a very chancy prediction because it’s already in the process of deeply falling — is media. You know, we’ve all been subjected to the just unbelievable lies and propaganda, you know, fake news and so forth. And the mainstream media, particularly in the US right now, is running way, way behind the influence of truth media, of independent media, people who are doing blogs and broadcasts and radio shows and TV shows and articles, where they’re actually responding to their inner quest for sharing truth that really matters with other people. And most people still think that the mainstream media is the mainstream. It’s not. I don't want to go deeply into all of the numbers of this, but you’re probably familiar, if you’ve been following me for a while, with the fact that Joe Rogan gets like 11 million people per podcast. Tucker Carlson, when he was still on Fox, was getting 3.5 to 10 million. Now that he’s left, he's getting upwards of 70 million for the podcast he does in his basement. Why? Because these are people who are seeking truth. Same thing is happening for Ben Shapiro. It’s beginning to happen for Elon Musk with his Twitter spaces, because these are people who are demonstrating a consistent seeking of truth. Meanwhile, the mainstream media of the New York Times is dying and losing credibility. People know that things like Wikipedia have been taken over and infiltrated, and you can’t get the truth about important issues there anymore. CNN has an average viewership of about 250,000 people during prime time. That’s it. Their CNN Plus died. These channels, MSNBC, they are dying because they’re not telling the truth. They are propaganda arms of the deep state, the pharmaceuticals, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and other big banking entities. So that is the first big domino that I see that is already collapsing and is tipping into the next one.

The next one I see is COVID. The scam of COVID, the false tests, the propaganda, the manmade so-called virus, the toxic vaccine, the mandates, the censorship. Now these vast numbers of injuries and deaths that are happening worldwide, the suppression of alternative treatments, all of that is now coming out now. I would say a third to a half of humanity is already awake to this and the rest is waking up fast. Anyone who’s open to it, the information is already there. So the implications of that for health freedom, for people seeing through the CDC, the FDA, the AMA, these captured agencies, which are trying to inflict a depopulation agenda, trying to maximize the profits of big pharma along the way. They’re being exposed, they’re collapsing. People are looking for alternative whole systems healthcare, whole system self-care. And so health freedom itself is rapidly emerging. And I don’t think that can be put back in the bottle. So that’s the second domino.

The third domino that I see is election fraud. I’ve done a show on that, a two hour show that’s available at Just put in the search bar “election fraud” and you’ll be taken there with all the forensic evidence on the 2020 elections. It’s just absolutely overwhelming. And I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I think politics is the root of virtually every problem we’re facing. But while we’re in so-called government, democracy, that type of thing, we have to have at least a semblance of honest elections. And that now also is coming out. The evidence was already there, but the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear it last time around. The evidence was starting to be presented in the U.S. Congress on January 6th. And that’s why the Democrat aspect of the deep state literally had the police officers open the doors, welcome the protesters in, and then claim that it was this insurrection. Because I was watching it right here in my office on C-SPAN. And this was the moment I was waiting for. This Congress person stands up with a bunch of three by five cards and just starts into reading the evidence. And that’s when they open the doors, called the whole thing off. And then Mike Pence shut it down and they never opened it up again. So the next time the traps have been set again and more, and I believe that the Supreme Court will hear the cases next time, and they will try the election fraud, the deep state will. And I don’t think they’ll be able to get away with it, and that’s going to expose the corruption worldwide and ultimately the fallacy of elections themselves.

Okay, so the fourth one that I see is the climate agenda. Now that COVID’s been exposed, the deep state is looking to make climate change, which was a UN Club of Rome deep state created myth to begin with, they’re trying to use that as the next excuse for lockdowns and for social credit scores and for central bank digital currencies and so forth in order to control everyone’s behavior under the guise of we’ve got just a few years left unless we turn around the climate change. Well, I’ve been following this for 20 years. And all of the models that have come out of the UN for climate catastrophe, they’ve all proven to be false. There’s been no significant warming planet-wide for the last 18 years. The CO₂ temperature correlation that Al Gore tried to publicize in his documentary Inconvenient Truth has now been blasted out of the water. He will not debate anyone publicly because he was correct. He got up on his forklift and he showed that the graphs correlate over centuries, but he had it backwards. Actually, CO₂ doesn’t come first and then raise the temperature. Temperature comes first and then raises CO₂. And what’s the main cause of temperature rising on planet earth before we had any factories and pollution and all that type of thing? Well, the obvious one is the sun. And the UN does not fund any papers which even mention the sun as a potential cause for global warming. So it’s as much of a hoax as COVID and really dangerous with the things that they want to be doing in relationship to it.

Okay, so we’ve covered four out of eight major dominoes. I want to now share an image. And, So that you can keep track of these, this is what I’ve shown so far, the dominoes of destiny and liberation. We talked about media. I would also add into that education, the whole government propaganda, the wokeism, the ESG, the DEI, it’s all being exposed at every level. It’ll take a little while but it will disappear because it’s false. Secondly, we talked about COVID and health freedom. I mentioned climate and the Agenda 21 which came out of the UN as an excuse to basically socialize and communize, take over all the resources of planet earth, put them into the hands of the elite. Okay, then I mentioned election fraud. But let’s keep going now.

When election fraud actually tips and the corruption that is being — it’s even being exposed now in U.S. congressional hearings. There are hearings on men ruining women’s sports. There are hearings on UFOs. There are hearings on the open border on the U.S. south. There are hearings with Gary Gensler of the SEC exposing the frauds that he’d been doing with Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX. And I could go on. The truth is starting to come out. Will anything come of it? Will people go to jail? I think this time, actually, kind of for the first time in a while, it’s actually going to happen.

Okay, so let’s keep going. The fourth domino of election fraud, I think that this tips into the whole trafficking, child sex trafficking, human sex trafficking, the whole pedophilia. It’s become a such a vast and nefarious market. It’s up there now, and this new movie, The Sound of Freedom, spells this out with a lot of the data. It is not a gory movie. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. I highly recommend it. It’s very tastefully done. but it’s one of the most important movies in the last several decades, as far as I’m concerned, because it’s a user-friendly introduction to this market for child trafficking, which is now at the level of guns and drug trafficking. And they use it to fund the deep state, to fund the black ops projects. They also use it to blackmail politicians, bankers, judges, police officers, and so forth, so that they can control them as they’re moving toward their one world government agenda. So I believe that that is now coming out. Donald Trump has over 300,000 sealed indictments, which he has said is mostly child trafficking and financial fraud. So if he gets in again, maybe even if he doesn’t, I think those will be unsealed. And the media now will be having to, not the mainstream yet, but the truth media is now taking on this topic, so the information is coming out.

Okay, the next one I believe will come out is the whole surveillance and data privacy. Now in THRIVE I, Kimberly and I had a section where we said every single one of your emails, telephone calls and texts is being collected for monitoring by the NSA. We took a lot of crap for claiming that. And we said, well, just keep watching. And then Edward Snowden came out with all of the goods from the inside out. And that happened for every single thing that we predicted in THRIVE I. There were 68 major claims. All of them either have or are coming true. So the surveillance now is becoming more and more oppressive and the data privacy is getting exposed that the agenda of these — business plan, really of these big tech companies, has been to take billions from venture capitalists and from the government, from the CIA and so forth, create these amazing applications, give them to you for cheap or for free, and then scrape all of your data without you even realizing what they were doing and sell it for billions in order to create the artificial intelligence which can impose the technocratic and transhumanist agenda. I’ve covered all of these things in great detail in other shows, in other parts of films and so forth on the Free to Thrive website. So I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on this because my main point is I want you to see how these dominoes tip one into the next.

Okay, the next one is money and banking. This is the number two fraud in history as far as I’m concerned. And that basically is that we’re not dealing with real money. We’re dealing with fiat money. So a few people get the right to just make it up out of nothing. We’re dealing with fractional reserve banking, where you put your money in the bank, and then they get to multiply it by at least 10 times and loan it out and charge fake interest on fake loans. And that’s how they’ve been taking over the world.

These people aren’t smarter. They’re some shrewd people. But they’re not wiser. They’re not better than normal folks. They’re just sick. And they get up in the mornings thinking, how can I complete my goal to dominate everyone on the planet? And if you don’t see that coming, they get way ahead and they have. So their main tool, the only reason they seem to have all of this power is that they’ve been running money itself for about four centuries. But people are now catching up to it. We exposed it in THRIVE I. When we started out, if you put in a search engine, the Federal Reserve isn’t federal, you’d maybe get a dozen hits. Now try it, it’s millions and millions of hits. And the world is waking up and they know it.

The bankers, the globalist cabal, they know that people are waking up and that’s why they’re rushing on things like COVID and the banking scheme, I mean, sorry, COVID and the election fraud and the climate stuff in order to try to be able to get their one world tyranny before a critical mass wakes up and resists. It’s also why they’re trying to take away people’s guns. But let me not go any further into that right now.

So when we restore honest money, because I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil, I believe that dishonest money is the tool for doing a tremendous amount of evil in the world. So why do they have this power? How did they get it? I’m not going to go into the history. I’ve done that in many of my Freedom Portal shows about economics. But the key thing is that seventh domino will ultimately lead to the eighth and final domino, in my opinion, which is the myth of authority itself.

The only way they got the power over money was they fooled most of the people. The pharaohs told people, well, we’re your conduit with the afterlife. So you do whatever we say or else. Then they got exposed. Then along came the kings and then they got exposed. They found out the emperor had no clothes. But meanwhile, they switched to the priests and then they found out that the priests were just claiming to be intermediaries between you and your spirit, which was unnecessary. And so they got exposed. And then so it went to the dictatorships. They had this claim of government. Well, some people need to rule and they went to the dictatorships. That started to get exposed. So then they went to democracy. Now that’s getting exposed because even if democracy were real and honest elections, it’s at best mob rule. And that doesn’t go well. Mob rule doesn’t go well in a lynch mob. It doesn’t go well when people are ignorant. It doesn’t go well at all because the key to real freedom is individual sovereignty, not a group vote.

So when we get to that final domino of the myth of authority, I believe that we will have whole systems solutions, real harmonious solutions in every single sector already on the table so that when the myth of authoritarian rule collapses, when the deep state collapses worldwide, because this is international cabal, when that collapses, instead of panicking and rushing to the next authoritarian regime, which is what’s happened throughout history, for the first time, at least in recorded history, we can actually liberate ourselves and move to a stateless society based on the non-aggression principle. So no one is permitted to initiate force or fraud against anyone else except in true self-defense. So there will be no taxation. There will be no rules. I mean, sorry, there will be no rulers. There will be rules, but the rules will be enlightened rules based on the non-aggression principle on natural law rather than on a few people getting together at the behest of the central bankers and making up a bunch of litigation to control everyone else.

So that to me is the flow of the dominoes that is coming. So this could take five years. It could take 50 years. Maybe we go into a total global totalitarian lockdown or we blow ourselves up. The Illuminati factions take over, they’re all psychopaths so then they’re trying to divide up the spoils. They don’t trust each other and they start attacking each other and the whole thing goes up in smoke. It’s possible, it’s a very real possibility. It’s a blink of an eye in terms of the unified field itself. Maybe it sets the experiment on planet Earth back 60 million years. Well there are planets, there are species, I’m confident, that are millions and billions of years ahead of where we are right now. And I think they probably survived because they figured this out.

But anyway, we have the opportunity now, unprecedented in human history, to actually clear this all out. And the dominoes are tipping because the unified field of reality wants life to thrive. And the changes are now showing up through the vision, the courage, and the efforts of each person like you who hears your own inner calling and then stands for truth and for freedom.

Thanks for listening. Bye bye.