COVERT-19 REDUX: I Wish I’d Been Wrong

Foster Gamble issued a comprehensive analysis, in 2020, of the truth behind the so-called Covid pandemic. Virtually all his claims and predictions have come true. Why? And how can this empower us?

COVERT-19 REDUX: I Wish I’d Been Wrong

In December 2020, after 11 months of daily research, I issued a comprehensive analysis of the truth behind the so-called Covid pandemic. Virtually all my claims and predictions have come true. Ex-CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele called it “the best thing I have seen on the truth about Covid.”

How could I be so accurate so early? It’s not psychic powers. I explain it in this video — as well as the importance of applying these understandings to what else is coming. 22 minutes will save you years of confusion and sleuthing!

Audio Transcript

Hi friends, Foster Gamble here.

This is my second offering from my new outpost, And the title of this little video is “COVERT-19 REDUX: I Wish I’d Been Wrong”.

I’m going to dive into that in just a minute. But before I do, I really want you to know if you’re hearing from me for the first time, or if you haven’t heard from me for a while, I want you to know that there is this new website where THRIVE I and THRIVE II are available for free to the entire world, as well as all of my blogs for the last 15 years, all of my Freedom Portal shows for the last two and a half years.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer this finally for free to everyone everywhere. So I invite you to check that out.

I’ll show you a little image here. This is the new URL, Come visit me there. I think you’ll be glad that you did.

We’re just getting started on a whole new phase of insights, reflections, cooperation, community gathering in a much simpler format, but more highly tuned, highly leveraged for the world that we’re facing, what’s coming in the near future.

So while I’m showing you some images, I want to show you one from THRIVE I. This was a still from the movie in chapter four, the Global Domination Agenda, where I was talking about the depopulation plan. And this was a collage that appeared on the screen.

And what I was saying was, this is what the depopulation agenda looks like today. So look at this collage. HAARP, that’s the antenna array in which they’re doing chemtrails and earthquakes and so forth. Pesticides, chemtrails, war, GMO foods. But then look here. We’ve got irradiation (5G), man-made pandemics and toxic vaccines.

We were trying to warn people in 2011 of what was coming. Now all of this is here and a lot of people are noticing it for the first time or they’ve seen it for a while but it doesn’t make sense. And what we’ve been trying to do through the Thrive offerings is make sense out of it all.

I spend a lot of time in my library reading articles, watching videos, reading books that I index in the back and then cross reference and then try to put together as succinctly and coherently as I can for anyone who’s interested in really understanding what’s going on and what we can do about it.

So the pandemic was announced in January of 2020, just as we were finishing the filming of THRIVE II. I was very concerned that this is what we have been predicting. I started researching, adding to a very busy schedule already, about four to six hours a day of intensive research of what was really going on behind this so-called pandemic.

Well, I did that for 11 months straight until I finally felt like, okay, I think I understand what’s going on here well enough to present it and to warn people so that we can be alert, avoid unnecessary dangers and take action.

So I sat down for about three weeks and put it into a paper. And the paper was called COVERT-19: Where the Real Sickness Lies — And How We Can Heal It.

Okay, so… What I want to do now, the purpose of this whole little video is to look back at that paper from two and a half years ago and see, okay, was it accurate? Was it useful?

So let me very quickly summarize for you some of the things that I predicted in the paper and you check into your current reality and see did these come true.

So number one, the projections of numbers of COVID deaths would fail.

Number two, there would be no meaningful public debates on the science.

Three, that the testing would be unreliable and controllable by nefarious parties who could use them to create more cases and lead to more lockdowns.

Number four, the shutdowns were not natural.

Number five, the mandates were not natural.

Number six, the vaccine was not natural and it was not a vaccine.

Number seven, the virus was not natural and it was not a virus, but a man-made bioweapon created originally in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Then when they kicked them out of the US because they weren't safe, they went to Wuhan where the US continued to fund it through Anthony Fauci. The gain of function research has now been confirmed that he was denying they were funding it.

And if any of you still think that this was, oh, well, it was a lab leak, they finally admitted, well, there’s a good chance it was a lab leak. Think again in the context of what this story I’m telling you now, because to me, it’s a very obvious manmade bioweapon that they released intentionally all over the world. If that sounds crazy, it should make more sense soon, especially if you read this paper.

Okay, back to the predictions.

Number eight, that there would be an economic collapse that would not be natural. That’s what we’re beginning now.

And nine, that regions that did not comply or comply all the way, like Sweden, South Dakota and Florida, who didn’t really shut down, would end up doing the best. And in fact, now the statistics are in and they did.

OK, so let’s step back for a minute and go, OK, what’s behind this that really matters? That to me is the biggest concern, not just the details of the plot and the tactics and so forth.

Event 201, if you don’t know about that, I describe it in the paper, but it was an event that included lots of the international banks and health organizations and Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins and so forth that coincidentally preceded by just a few months the dawn of the plandemic. And if you know about these kinds of problem-reaction-solution dynamics, you realize that that was simply a planning session for the intentional pandemic followed by toxic injections.

Okay, so let me dive a little deeper now into the kinds of predictions I was making, how I could make those predictions, and how we can now check them out, see if they turned out, because this is what matters. If we understand what’s behind it, then we can anticipate and we can respond with solutions that are commensurate to the problem. Okay, so let’s go back to some images here.

All right. So I made this list that you’ll see in the paper. I call it the GDA “Need to Do” List. GDA, if you remember from THRIVE I, is the Global Domination Agenda. And so as I saw the so-called plandemic unfolding, I just kind of sat back and made a list of, okay, the agenda is far along, but they don’t have total control yet, as I laid out in THRIVE I, and then I did an update again in THRIVE II.

If you haven’t watched those movies, please save yourself decades. Just go, you know, gather some friends for the evening, sit down and watch those movies, ideally in sequence.

Okay, so I made this list of what do the perpetrators of the Global Domination Agenda still need to do to accomplish their goal?

Well, they would need to destroy small businesses to continue to eliminate the middle class.

They would need to collapse the economies, particularly of the US, the UK, and the EU. Look what’s going on right now.

They would need to be able to do trillion dollar bailouts continuing for the failing banks to keep them in power at all.

They would need to go to a cashless society. Look what’s going on now.

They would need to censor dissidents. Look what happened in the big tech, in the social media and so forth. Now, just two days ago, Tucker Carlson got kicked off for no ostensible reason with no notice, not even able to do a goodbye show. If that isn’t blatant to you in terms of the censorship of the leading figure of mainstream media, probably in the world, who was actually really getting to the truths on Big Pharma, on the vaccines, on Ukraine, on election fraud, and on and on, they simply couldn’t tolerate having someone like that have that kind of platform. Personally, I think this will unleash him to do even bigger things, but it’s gonna be interesting to watch. Okay, so censor dissidents.

Let’s go back to number six, instigate civil unrest. Look at all they’ve been doing to try to pit one race, one gender, one class, one religion, whatever against each other.

And they would need to ban freedom demonstrations like they did in Hong Kong, like they did in France and so forth.

And then they would need to stop the vendetta that Trump had started against the deep state going after the child trafficking and going after the warmongering and so forth.

And then number nine, force global vaccination. I have known this has been coming for 15 years. I’ve been trying to wake people up. I wrote letters to my family in passion. Please, just please wait, don’t do it. Don’t let them get this into your body until you really understand enough to make a choice. Some listened, some unfortunately didn’t. Okay, so that’s number nine. Let’s go on.

Number 10, they would want to get RFID chips into everyone. We warned in THRIVE I about that in 2011. They’ve been unsuccessful with that. But look at all this stuff that these nanoparticles that they’ve got, that they’re putting into these injections.

They would need to depopulate without the real cause being apparent. Now look out there and the injury and death rates are absolutely skyrocketing worldwide from the various mRNA injections.

They would need to enforce UN Agenda 21/30 and the communist Green New Deal. Look how hard they’re pushing that, even though pushing that hard is waking more and more people up to the real agenda of taking everybody’s property and centralizing control in the hands of the few.

Justify and impose total surveillance. Look what they are trying to do with the global tracking and tracing, the global vaccine passport, the social credit scores, the central bank digital currencies, all of it intended to do just this.

Number 14, UN Global control of healthcare. That’s the WHO treaty that they’re trying to do.

Finally, leading to a one-world government.

So this is my list of what they would need to do.

Okay, so let’s take a look and see what they have actually been doing.

All right, so if any of you are just listening rather than watching this, I’ll read off these titles. I’m adding these one at a time to a picture of kind of going down the rabbit hole that was originally from THRIVE II.

So COVERT-19, what did it actually accomplish? Well, antisocial distancing: check. Masks: check. Lockdowns, closed businesses, banned demonstrations, testing, tracking and tracing, bank bailouts, economic collapse, billionaire profits, moving toward a cashless society.

They were censoring the Internet, causing civil unrest, moving in more and more toward martial law, particularly on places like Australia and Canada.

Forced vaccines. I can’t believe it’s already here, and thank God a lot of people are standing up worldwide against this.

RFID chipping, depopulation, the Green New Deal, Agenda 21, social credit score, socialism and communism. Look what’s happening in Hollywood. It was in universities. Now it’s going down to high schools, elementary schools.

The US government, really it’s technocratic fascism. It’s a version of socialism, which leads to communism, which takes away all your property and ultimately even your body as well. But it’s really technocratic fascism, the combination of state and corporations, but using the new technology to track and control everyone.

Universal healthcare, that’s what they’re going for now with the WHO treaty leading to a one world government.

Okay, so the themes you can look for are huge profits going to a few where the government is the enforcement arm for so-called private corporations and bankers, but money is not the end goal for the real perpetrators. They’re already printing money. They’re already the wealthiest, amongst the wealthiest people in the world. So, they’re really after control and we laid this out in THRIVE I and THRIVE II.

So, the reason I was able to predict all of this stuff so accurately, and this is not to say, “Hey, see, I’m right and I told you so,” I really wish with every soul of my body and my being, every cell and every soul, that I had been wrong in this prediction. I would much rather be wrong and be living in a thriving world than realize, “Oh gosh, all the stuff I was predicting is coming true.” So we need to wake up to it and do something about it.

So the hallmarks are illegitimate government, counterfeit money, medical fraud, all for the purposes of making these huge profits and centralizing control.

So the entire theme of my new outpost website, which is called Free to Thrive, is that if we were living in a stateless society based on the non-aggression principle, virtually all of these problems would go away. I laid that out at the end of THRIVE I. I went deeper in THRIVE II. I did it for two and a half years in the Freedom Portal. Please check out those shows if you haven’t already. They’re finally available for free and we laid out in every sector, this agenda, but then also literally how to get to a stateless society where there are rules based on the non-aggression principle, but no rulers.

So that will be the theme till my last breath, I promise you. And it’s frankly the only way out that I see for humanity.

It’s going to get worse and worse when some people think that they have the authority to rule over money, rule over other people and create money primarily for themselves and so forth. Then they start fighting with each other and then with the nuclear weapons and biological weapons and chemical weapons and then this whole transhumanist movement. It’s going to be total chaos and destruction, except if we realize that the universal morality we’ve been missing is that no one should be allowed intrinsically to initiate force against anyone else except in true self-defense.

So I go much deeper in many of the other works that I do and I will continue to through this website because this is the path out for humanity and I’m happy to discuss that with anyone, join our community, I’m happy to debate it with anyone. I’ve been looking into this intensely for 15 years and I’m writing a book on exactly this topic because I think it’s the most important one on the planet right now.

I will also attach along with this video a link to a great video by one of my friends and mentors who we featured in THRIVE II, the amazing Larken Rose. He created a short video intentionally as a message for JP Sears to clarify some things about the nature of a stateless society. JP is obviously doing fantastic work and Larken recognizes that in waking people up, but there are more nuanced distinctions that all of us could be more well versed in, in order to really be successful in this.

So remember the scam of COVERT-19, because you can bet that the next one is coming. We need to stand up to the tyranny and demand real truth and real freedom.

The key understanding is the Global Domination Agenda. This move for total tyranny for the planet, that was the plan for the League of Nations after World War I. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers tried to do it through the League of Nations. That failed. After World War II, they tried to do it through the UN and now the UN has their Agenda 21/30 and so forth. It’s the front for the One World Government, for the New World Order. Lots of good words, but its true intent, even if you read its charter, is to create, authorize, and fund, and enforce the One World Government. Then they tried with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and that fell apart. Then they tried with global climate agreements to transcend the sovereignty of all nations. They’re still trying on that even though they haven’t got it yet. Now they’re trying on the WHO Vax Treaty that I mentioned. They’re trying with the social credit scores. They’re trying with the central bank digital currencies.

So enough of that. I think you got the picture, but if we wake up, if we demand and create whole systems alternatives in every sector like truth media, blockchain currencies, holistic health freedom, independent educational choice, new energy, and so forth. We can live in a thriving world.

So okay, I invite you to go to and check this all out. You could spend six months there and be learning more every day. All the archives are available for free, as I mentioned. New content like this will now be coming out. And we’re also going to be starting on community gatherings for subscribers to the site. And that will probably start, we’re just sorting out the last technical issues right now, probably in about two and a half weeks. I think on Saturday, May 20th, we will probably have our first gathering, but check this site and check the mailing list that you’re on. We will be letting people know on the date on that first, and we would love to have you be a part of it.

So anyway, thanks for listening. I know that was a lot in a short amount of time, but we don’t have a lot of time. So we can thrive as we’re solving these problems, and we can do it together.

Thanks for listening. Bye-bye.

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Where the Real Sickness Lies — And How We Can Heal It