Core Insight #1 | Exploring Your Purpose

Knowing that the torus energy pattern surrounds all living things, it dawned on me that each of these categories are aspects of the toroidal energy cycle.

Core Insight #1 | Exploring Your Purpose

I have spent decades of my life researching what it will take to create a world where everyone can thrive. One of the most compelling insights that I have gained has to do with the fundamental role of “Purpose” in each of our lives…and in all of life.

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below, to learn more about exploring your purpose.

Audio Transcription

Many people wonder if there’s any purpose to life. Arthur Young was the one who pointed out to me that there’s nothing in life which exists except as a function of purpose. Every chair, every machine, every toy was designed and built to fulfill some purpose. Every living thing as well is shaped and functions to fulfill the drive that motivates its existence.

While teaching a seminar on life balance for several years, I collected data from participants on what they saw as their purpose in life. In looking at the whole collection, I saw that the responses fell naturally into an octave of categories: Listening, Seeking, Finding, Experimenting, Learning, Integrating, Protecting, and Teaching. First, we listen inside until we hear an inner calling. When we’re ready, we begin to seek for something yet unknown to us. Eventually, we find something that feels like what we were seeking and we instinctively experiment with what we’ve found to test it out. In the process, we begin to learn what we need to know and then we can integrate this knowledge into our being, into how we live. As we value what we’ve found or created, we naturally protect the whole of it. And as we feel filled and empowered at this new level, we’re pulled to share it or teach it to others.

These stages are also a remarkable match for the powers that Young said are learned at each stage of the reflexive arc of evolution of any process. Potential. Binding. Identity. Combination. Growth. Mobility. Dominion. And then, on to the next octave.

Knowing already that the torus energy pattern surrounds all living things (from atoms and seeds to people and galaxies), it dawned on me that each of these categories are aspects of the toroidal energy cycle. At various times in our lives, we may focus on different aspects of this spectrum, but each is a part of the whole. I believe our purpose is represented best by the whole torus dynamic and the spin axis is a critical part of it. It represents not only the integrity (the truth and resonance of being fully aligned with one’s inner guidance), but also the direction, the inexorable pull of growth of evolving our spark of consciousness through each experience of living and of learning.